I dare you

I knew what he wanted but I wouldn't give it to him.

He carefully placed his hand under my blanket now, rubbing just the underside of my cheeks as I lay face down. I lazily but rhythmically stroked his bare cock with my left hand, making sure to take care when nearing the head---his favorite spot.

His hands grew warmer as he tried to spread me apart ever so lightly but I wouldn't give.

He kissed the side of my face and my hair...an almost pleading in their meaning.

I laid perfectly still except for the stroking.

I felt his leg intertwine between mine and he nudged my foot with his. I could feel him wriggling his fingers just on the edge of my womanhood.

I was definitely getting wet now but I still would not open my legs for him.

Why am I so willing to submit to my vanilla lovers? Is it because I want to see just how animalistic they can get when they can have what they want? Is it because I want them to not be afraid to have their way with me? Or is it because every lady likes to be man-handled every now and then and taking control is much harder sometimes than relinquishing it?

His fingers grew impatient and he started kneading my ass and patting it, as if he wanted to spank me but didn't trust himself to do so without my usual permission and begging. He traced the line in the middle of my ass then danced over each cheek with his fingertips.

I knew what he wanted. His cock starting oozing a small bit of pre-come into my hand.

He reached up from my ass and began playing with the side of my exposed breasts. If I was an engine he wanted to warm me up before taking the drive.

I kept stoking his cock.

"Come on," I thought. "Take me!" I said in my head.

His cock throbbed in my hand.

I knew he'd never be as aggressive as I wanted him to be because he loved me.

I stopped stroking.

He slowly edged back down to my ass taking time to survey my reaction.

I yawned, I stretched, I rolled over and smiled at him and then I got up and walked out of the room.

I knew what he wanted but I wouldn't give it to him the way he wanted because I loved him.
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Rant: Big girls don't cry

I have a right to be choosy.

I can choose who kneels for me...
who kisses my heels...
who worships my body...
and more importantly who serves me.

Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I don't get to be choosy.

I've mentioned before that I have a strict age preference for the men I want to serve me. For some reason this gets overlooked on a daily basis. I am looking for someone who can adequately serve me and whom is also atheistically pleasing to me. The age restriction I have enforced seems to be the average limit of when I stop thinking men above that age are attractive. Again this just my preference. Not to mention men above this age don't really have much in common with me. And yes there are exceptions to every rule but I'm speaking in a manner of generally this is what I want.

Recently on Collarme I told a sniveling 52 year old man-child that he was well above my age limit and he got snarky, down right rude if I'm putting it plainly:

"You're lucky a man of my submissive stature even wrote you. Plus you're fat, you should be happy that I'm even offering my service."

I've been called fat, chunky, round, pudgy and everything in between before. It wasn't the "F" word that got me pissed. It was his naive assumption that because I am plus size, I don't have many options. His idea that I should be grateful for the few scraps of affection I do get from any male gendered individuals because I am after all grotesque.

I encountered this often when I was dating vanilla men as well. No one should be considered "lucky" to have someone of the opposite sex acknowledge them. No one is above anyone else.

In case it needs to be said directly: Fat girls aren't desperate. Despite common misconception.

We just aren't.

I never write about my size because it's not a hindrance for me but it seems to be a hindrance for other people and honestly, that's their problem not mine.

I just wanted to let my lovely readers see why some men just aren't submissive material---or for that matter getting-to-know-them material.

Now, I will take my fat ass to bed =)
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