Rant: Polyamory is not a bad word

Listen up men of the interwebs...swingers ≠ polyamorous 

I have a few profiles floating around online and all of them mention my being in an open relationship. Despite my stating its variance to swinging the young (and sometimes much too old), dense men writing me don't seem to understand the distinct differences.

So it is for that reason I think it's imperative I explain it as I see it.

This is a non-monogamous sexual act. Some people call it 'wife swapping' or 'partner swapping' despite the sexist connotation of it. A couple decides to and is aware of sexual activity with other people. Typically the couple shares these sexual excursions together but not always. Each partner always knows and consents to the sexual activity outside of the relationship. Their sexual acts are usually limited to that of conventional nature and is often only practiced at certain events catered to swinging, swinging clubs, etc. Within this there are two kinds of swapping "full swapping" (full penetrative sex), and "soft swapping" (oral sex). As you may notice at the core of swinging is good ol' fashion sex.

The very name of this non-monogamous act explains what it means. It is comprised of the Greek words ultimately meaning "many loves". This is also another form of ethical non-monogamy. All partners are aware of outside relationships, however they don't necessarily participate as a couple and sometimes not even both participate. Sex is not the main objective of this type of relationship, experiencing multiple and diverse relationships and all they entail is. The true spirit in being in more than one relationship at a time.

The only commonalities that these share is that they are both consensual, honest, non-monogamous types of relationships. One revolves mainly around sex and the other revolves around building a relationship with an additional person(s).

I can see why the men writing me want me be into swinging. It's much more appealing on the surface and if you're looking for a quick roll in the hay, that's the fastest way to get there but that's not what me and the bf are practicing. But you can't lump us all together just because we do things in an unconventional manner. That doesn't mean we don't crave respect, tolerance, and someone who gives a damn to learn the difference.

I honestly think that both types have their respective pros and cons and even have participated in swinging in the past---nevertheless for now, I am searching for something deeper than 8 inches haha.
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I say tomato...

In the past I've said that online based domination and D/s relationships were not my cup of tea. However with my trip looming on the horizon communicating via online thru emails, web cam, and instant messaging is the only feasible way to get to know anyone.

In addition to a few contacts I already had I've began talking to an array of interesting gentlemen; 4 submissives, and two switches.

I hate to be so rashly observant but in my contacts with the British men has been much more pleasant than with the guys here. They are polite, courteous, witty, and just all around a pleasure to chat with. Even when sending the inappropriate penis picture to me the sender politely apologized for his rudeness haha. That's not to say there aren't any guys here who possess those exact characteristics it's just I haven't been experiencing that online.

It has been an interesting way to flex my creative ability in thinking of ways to show my domination while I'm 3,600 miles away. Explicitly explaining the tease and tantalization that I want to put them thru, sharing naughty pictures, and just plainly getting to know them has seemed to work well thus far. 

I'm hoping that they will live up to their online identities and by live up to I mean follow thru on our loose plans to meet up. I've promised myself that I am going to make more of an effort to take part in the local scene when I get that than I do here. I'm going in with an open mind and a desire to explore possibilities.
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I'm too sexy for this blog

I like to think I don't need validation that my blog is sexy and rather kick-ass but every girl likes a little attention now and then.

So whether it's me or another sexy blogger you want to nominate, it doesn't matter...just get on over to Between My Sheets to cast your vote for the Sexiest Bloggers of 2011. You only get one vote so make it count! *wink* Nomination closes on August 31 so tick tock! Be sure to read all the instructions before nominating.

Also there are prizes to be given just for nominating and I know you all like free goodies!

They include:
This year I limited myself to just three nominations and it was so tough. But, I'll be voting for Ms. Dee over at Curvaceous Dee, ol' Riff Dog for his lovely Ashley & Me tales (he better post soon to qualify!), and my new favorite read full of uniqueness Shape Shifter at Alternative Mindsets

Good luck everyone!
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