Good things cum to those who wait

"I placed another ad this afternoon", she casually said aloud.

"An ad for what Mistress?" I asked unsure if I wanted the answer.

"For cuckolding, and I've had over 35 responses already".

7:00 pm
That was on Sunday evening, now on Friday evening Mistress is on a date with a potential bull as I sit and wait in this hot and sweaty car. I'm not sure exactly what I feel. I have a knot in my stomach, I haven't felt like eating all day. I'm nervous, I'm hot, I'm intrigued, I'm excited but I'm not freaking out, not yet anyway. 

Of course my imagination is running wild in my head thinking about what is going on in the restaurant just feet in front of me, that I am not allowed to enter. 

Is he touching her arm?
Is he looking at her body?
Are they sizing each other up? Wondering what the other looks like naked?

The answer to all of these is probably yes, but maybe it's best I don't think to much about that for the time being. 

Every time someone walks past the car they give me a strange look, wondering why I am sitting alone in the car on this hot, 80+ degree day. Just imagine if they knew the truth. That my girlfriend, my Mistress, my love was on a date with another man while I waited patiently and silently outside. They would think I'm pathetic. I guess I am pathetic. We are here because I am not able to please Mistress how she wants to be pleased, and this is best alternative. This is a fetish we have spoke about a lot, tried once before, but now it's all very real and is really happening. 

7:44 pm
They have been inside now for over 40 minutes so it must be going well. I am still not freaking out, my mind is still racing though at what is happening. I know it's unlikely, but maybe Mistress will be so turned on she will find a way to make it happen tonight. I want to talk to her. I want to know what she is thinking right now. It is hard, if not impossible to not feel like a spare part sitting on here. Alone, unimportant and not needed. I know Mistress loves me, I have never doubted that, but I know, as a lover at least, I have always not been good enough and if this carries on I may well become irrelevant in that department. That is one thing I have thought about a lot of this albeit fair short journey I have been on this week. That this may change our sex life, perhaps permanently. I find myself feeling ok about that. I know I don't pleasure Mistress, I am used to giving her an orgasm with a dildo and receiving nothing in return. A part of me worries we will lose some closeness and intimacy but who knows for sure. I'm sure that Mistress will still allow me to make her cum whenever she needs and her bull, whether this guy or someone else is not around. 

8:16 pm
It has now been over an hour since Mistress left me. Of everything I feel, I now just feel hot. So hot, sat in the car waiting. I haven't heard anything from Mistress which is a little surprising. I thought she would stay in contact with me a little bit, even if just to increase the humiliation, but so far nothing. I am not angry or hurt, just a little surprised as it wasn't what I was expecting. I expect that I will need to get used to things not quite being what I expect. For now all I can do is wait here, like a good boy. I have no idea how long she will be. It could be five more minutes, it could be two more hours. All I can do now is wait and see where this night goes... 

8:50 pm
I'm beginning to feel, not stressed, not angry but I guess anxious. I think it's a combination of the heat, the lack of contact and what is now beginning to feel boredom in all honesty. I know this is all part of it, it's just an unusual feeling. As we are parked right outside of the restaurant people have been coming out to smoke nearly all evening. The kind of anxious feelings I am experiencing is something that this time last year I would calm with a cigarette. As this isn't an option now I have tried a few things. Writing here is one, I've had a little walk, I'm tried distracting myself with social media but I always come back to same thought, what is Mistress doing and thinking right now. The answer is probably something fairly mundane. She is probably have dinner with someone she doesn't have a great deal in common with. I'm sure she is dictating the conversation. He is probably finding her interesting and attractive and like me, will become hooked on her. But, who knows. I will continue to wait and find out soon enough. 

After almost a couple of hours Mistress and her date emerged from the restaurant. He was a tall man, and looked much bigger and stronger than me. He had his arm around her, and told me they had a very nice evening. He presented me Mistress’s panties and asked me to smell them, which I obeyed to. I felt ok seeing them, and would have been curious progressing things. Mistress doesn't seem overly enthusiastic about the evening, but she hasn't really told me her thoughts yet.