Shake your money maker

The thumpa-thumpa that is synonymous with clubs rallied around me, piercing my veins.

I love that feeling. The feeling that the club is sustaining you.

Despite the drunken mishaps of a bachelorette sitting next to me I was having a good time. It was shaping up to be a good 21st birthday outing for my friend. He had a twinkle in his eye that told me I had made a good choice by bringing him to one of my favorite gay clubs.

Two drinks in and he was already bouncing on the edge of his seat. I, on the other hand had my eye on something more special...the hot guy gyrating on the bar. He was scantily clad in only a banana-hammock and glistening skin. He winked and smiled at me.

I knew better than that. He was a stripper and he just wanted my money. Honestly, I wanted to give it to him, but I'm a smart strip club goer. I know how to stretch my money in that atmosphere.

I heard a muffled voice come thru on the loud speaker but was lost in thought as my friend screamed over the music.

"You bitch! You didn't tell me there was a drag show tonight!" he beamed.

I nodded with a smile.

What unfolded was better than I imagined. It's been awhile since I've seen a proper drag show but these ladies brought their A-game that night. They did back flips, splits, twirls and everything in between...all while wearing 6-inch heels!

Among the other birthday attendees I pushed my friend up to be sung "Happy Birthday" to by the drag queens and they covered him with well wishes.

We retreated to the upper portion of the club where the dancers were fully nude.

Certainly my kind of scene. We remained poised as we went around eying the ones we liked.

When a man with a cock that begged to be seen started dancing on the wall for us. His front was a great as his back when he turned around and I saw his plump ass.

He humped the floor, working his hips, making his ass bounce almost in time with the music.

He was drawing a small crowd.

"I want to spank him!" I whispered loudly to my friend.

I waited for the crowd to dissipate slowly before I approached him.

He had a cute smirk under that baseball cap.

I sauntered over and beckoned him with my pointer finger. He crawled over to me.

"You have an amazing ass, I really want to spank you, if that's okay?" I asked.

He nodded and said, "Sure!"

A man after my own heart. I took my dominant hand and spanked his right cheek several times. Not too hard, not too soft...a perfect spank.

Afterward we went back downstairs with our drinks and danced but my stripper was back. The banana hammock wearing oily hotness that I couldn't take my eyes off of.

He was worth staring at.

I couldn't help myself as I walked over to him and looked up at him as if he were a work of art. He wiggled down to my level and pushed his crotch inches from my face. I smiled in delight. I took a dollar bill from my bra and held it in front of him. Then I tore it in half.

I stuck one half his front and said loud enough for him to hear, "You're going have to work for the other half."

He danced for me on the bar as if I were the only one watching. I ran my hand up and down his highly toned calf muscle; which is usually a no-no but his eyes told me it was okay.

I took the other half of my George Washington and tucked it under his right cheek between his undies and the flesh hugging them.

My friend was dragging me away, it was after all his birthday.

Then my stripper jumped down from the bar and walked back over for a quick moment.

"God! Please tell me you're gay so I can stop fantasizing about all the things I want to do to you."

He answered with a laugh and an accent, "No, I'm straight."

You can't put that kind of bait in front a woman and not expect her to want more. So hopefully he'll be there when I return next weekend.
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When the going gets tough

...some "submissives" do too.

A few of you noticed the lack of test results up Sunday and for good reason. I'd like to say I was surprised but in actuality I kind of saw (and even anticipated) writer sub and myself not making it thru the training.

I've always wondered what "irreconcilable differences" really meant on separation papers, but I get it now, it's a nice way of saying "It's complicated"

So I'll leave it at that...writer sub and I were complicated and there's no easy compromise so I wish him luck in finding whatever he is seeking.

Good thing I'm an artist because it's back to the drawing board...
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Up, up, and away

Even while jet-setting writer sub continues to be a good little panty boy for his Mistress...

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"Rules, Rituals, & Protocol" test results (Week 6)

I am a firm but loving Mistress and I like things the way I like things.

Which is why this week's training was one of my favorite topics to cover. I must admit that writer sub and I have interacted in a rather relaxed form of D/s thus far. He is free to speak and express ideas openly. He may ask for permission to do something but once granted admission he may stand, walk, and get whatever it is he's requested with no limitations. While I want to maintain his ability to flourish as his own submissive, I need him to be structured enough to be my submissive. Without certain rituals, rules, and protocols we are merely scratching the surface of all we could be.

So this week I have implicated and taught him the following:

-An "Entrance Ritual" that is to be performed anytime time he sees me for the first time of the day.

-An "Exit Ritual" that is used whenever he is leaving my presence for the day.

-Certain speech restrictions---he may no longer use the following words: No, Why, Me, I, My, or Mine but is to simply refer to himself as "your submissive".

Also in place are other general rules and I have enlightened him on the three levels of D/s protocol: Low, High, and Social.

I tested him in the following areas and I still enjoy the "Exit Ritual" the most...

Step 1: Upon completing daily duties, recite your closing to your Mistress: "I have completed my duties today Mistress and request to leave if there is nothing further you require?"

Step 2: Kiss your Mistress's feet or shoes

Step 3: If Mistress dismisses you, retrieve clothing and put it on, then kneel

Step 4: Await Mistress to remove your collar, once collar is removed you are free to leave there's just something about having a submissive on hands and knees kissing my feet.

All of our hard work is paying off as writer sub kept his streak of success going.

Total Score :        90 /100        Pass     

Next week we will focus on "Communication" and afterward there is only one special week of training left. It's all quite exciting!
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All dressed up with somewhere to go

For me I've never been typically attracted to the "manly" man. I tend to gravitate toward guys who I can fantasize about overpowering or having a fair chance at an arm wrestle match with.

So it should've come a lot sooner to my attention that feminization, forced or otherwise, would be a fun fetish to explore. I'd seen the videos of men dressed up as little girls, or sissies flaunting their panties and didn't pay it a second thought. Until one night walking home, I got cat-called...

"Damn girl! You have any fries with that shake?"

This was a popular hang out for the trannies and I never had paid them any attention, but when one yelled out to me I instinctively yelled back.

"You know it, but that's extra," I quipped with a  z-shaped air snap, turning to really get a look at the group.

They cackled under the bar sign where they stood in 4 inch heels and skin tight dresses.

It was love at first sight and since then I've had a visual love affair with Drag queens!

They're loud.
They're extreme.
They're bold.
They're fashion Picassos.

What's not to love?

Something about men dressing as women stirred something inside me and I began to use forced feminization on my submissives as a form of punishment.

Painted toes here...
Panties there...
Short skirts...

They pretended not to like it every time I spattered their face with make-up, spanked their asses, and made them walk the runway for me in their overly short skirts but I knew deep down they enjoyed it and secretly their little sissy-boy hearts swelled.

I've since given up on only forcing feminization for punishment and have started to find a real desire to see my submissives turned femme for certain occasions.

I keep teasing writer sub that his time is coming as he's not what I'd describe as a "manly" man and that's not meant as an insult. On the contrary it is quite arousing. He's got a perfectly round bottom, soft hands (he is a writer after all), small feet, lush lips, an adorably round face...

He's going to make quite the femme boy and I'm going to take him out for a "girls' night". It's all I can do in anticipation to see him all dolled up...literally.
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"Etiquette" training test results (Week 5)

Etiquette can always be a odd thing to learn, especially for the completely unrefined. When I was an unruly teenager I was sent to Finishing School in the hopes that it would tame whatever mischievous beast was growling within me...let's just say it didn't completely work as planned. It just made me a pretentious bad ass and evolved into my love for etiquette as an adult. Just more ways for me to prove I have better manners than you hehe.

Lucky  for me my little subbie is a sponge who is good (and hopefully enjoys) absorbing all the knowledge I am instilling on him and that's exactly what he did for the training. He was tested on his Written, Oral (get your mind out of the gutter!), Service and Appearance etiquette.

His appearance was acceptable except for his un-tucked shirt, his newly taught greetings and introductions were spot on, he replicated the following casual dining placement even when I threw in decoy dishes and utensils...

And his written etiquette was perfectly understood and penned with the following handwritten "Thank You" letter attached within his test:

Dear Miss L,

Thank you for training me this week. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into making me a better sub. Your creativity and originality is a pleasure, and I am glad I have been given a chance to experience that with you.

Your submissive in training,
writer sub

Continually exceeding my expectations he passed with flying colors with this score...

Total Score :        95 /100        Pass      

Ooh, next week with my favorite friends Rules, Rituals, and Protocols should be delightfully strict.
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