We'll get along when you stop being dumb

As I logged into my Fetlife account today I saw that I had several messages waiting to be read.

Sometimes I dread the messages on that site, sometimes I look forward to them. After skimming thru I realized I had several "Oh-pick-me-please-Mistress-I'll-be-the-best-sub messages". These usually amuse me for several reasons.

I've decided to help you poor saps out. Here's some tips guys if you're writing a potential Mistress on Fetlife:

1. Make sure she is seeking a sub...writing a Mistress who is just looking for friendship in hopes of changing her mind just seems desperate, plus she's a woman who most likely knows what she wants.

2. Have a decent profile set-up. Nothing pisses me off more than a "man" who writes me promising endless submission but can't manage to put up one picture of himself (face or not) and a small paragraph telling about himself.

3. Don't just message her "hi mistress slave here in va seeking to meet [insert telephone number] slave _____". It's just not gonna happen honey. (Yes, that was an actual message to me)

4. Don't send a cut & paste form letter. She'll know and it's just not classy. If you can't take time to write her a small custom message, how do you plan to serve reliably?

5. Penis pictures on your profile are fine but just know it will seem like your head is in the wrong place. (See: your ass)

6. Don't lie. Claiming to have been "into BDSM my whole life" or "for more than 10 years" when you're only 25 definitely seems sketchy. Or saying you have tons of real-time experience when you don't will just tell on you later.

7. Are you 30-45 years her senior...yeah probably not a good match...but I know you guys just can't help trying haha.

8. If she's a Mistress/Domme and you're a Master/Dom...you're probably not what she's looking for. Comanding her to "be a good girl and write you back" will must assuredly make her want to stomp your balls and not in a good way.

9. Fetlife is a community. If you're only in groups to pick up women or check personal ads, this will probably reflect poorly on you.

10. Be ready for something real. If you have no intentions of ever formulating a real connection with her, then don't bother. BDSM is just as psychological as it is physical.
Above all...a little decency will go a long way. Good luck!
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MonoPoly: Passing Go or Straight To Jail?

A lot of people are curious about my relationship status and how I maintain in general the relationships I am involved in. I've found that "MonoPoly" is a new buzz word that's been making it's way around the scene. After learning a bit more about it I suppose my lifestyle would fit into its category.

Currently I am in a MonoPoly relationship (which is not exclusive to BDSM). Meaning I have been fortunate enough to find a partner who understands my desire to include BDSM in my life, even if they do not necessarily share it. Therefore with his complete vanilla-ness and my extracurricular activities, I am openly poly with the people I choose to play with within the BDSM realm and he is mono because he is only is sexual with me. This is all with his consent as we have agreed on this as a couple. To be fair, he also has the option of obtaining another partner for play or whatever he chooses outside of myself, but that just really isn't his thing; though sometimes I wish it was.

This lifestyle isn't for everyone. There are many issues that are destructing factors including but not limited to honesty, trust, and boundaries. We spent many a night in the beginning discussing what we were comfortable with but most importantly we agreed to always talk to one another, about everything. Any questions, mixed feelings, thoughts, or fears, we'd keep an open ear and strive to never get angry at one another. So far, these tactics have worked for us. But each relationship is like a fingerprint in its uniqueness. It needs to be customized to what you and your partner are comfortable with. If you are thinking of becoming Poly I think it's important to ask yourself these three questions, as your partner will probably be wondering the same:

1. Why do you want to become Poly?
2. What will this improve? What could this hinder?
3. Will you still be happy if you cannot be in a Poly relationship?

Make sure you have more than a regurgitated answer that you've seen somewhere on a forum. Really, ask yourself these questions. This is a entirely different relationship dynamic that could prove to be truly uplifting or horribly home-wrecking for your relationship, not an imaginary one. There are real emotions and another person involved with your decision and if you can't answer these questions you probably shouldn't bring it up with your partner until you can. Once you can answer the questions, know that it might not be an easy road. But, anything worth having isn't easy, so if it's really important to you then be willing to put in the work to make it work.

I am lucky that I have found someone so open-minded and accepting who understands this is me. I am Poly, I am kinky, I am a Mistress. And even if we don't share all the same sexual desires, we do desire each other and that's what matters most.
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