Dude looks like a lady

Congressman: I missed you.

Miss L: You only think you did.

CM: No, really I did.

ML: Prove it.

CM: Ha, you love having me at your mercy don't you?

ML: I have to admit it does get me a bit hot. Even just thinking about it gets me tingly.

CM: Oh...is that because you know to the outside world I would be a far cry from being considered submissive?

ML: Yes. And  I know behind closed doors I can dress you up like the shameless sissy you are and make you beg for me.

CM: *Blush* Yes Miss L. I would beg for anything from you.

ML: Good. Prove it. Beg to dress up in your pretty dress for me. Get on voice chat, I want to hear you whimper for it.

CM: Yes Miss L

He proceeded to get on voice chat and beg to wear the dress I liked to see his legs in. He was breathy, and spoke carefully. When I commanded a whimper he did so without hesitation. Hearing him moan and whimper made me want to dominate him even more.

ML: You're such a good boy for me sometimes.

CM: Haha I try to be Miss L. I want to be your good boy and yours only. Would you like for me to put on the dress now?

ML: Yes, turn on your cam and strip for me, then I want you to open the curtains in the room and put on the dress.

CM: The curtains? My neighbors can see in from this side of the building.

ML: ...Your point being?

CM: Yes Miss L, I will do as I am told.

With his webcam on he did exactly as I instructed. He took the slowest steps possible to the window and opened the curtains a bit.

ML: Congress boy, I want to see those curtains open wider. Just the way you were spread for me last time we were together.

He came back to the camera with a bit more red on his cheeks and a small smirk on his lips but opened them wider. I watched as he left the room and returned with his dress. He put on the stockings, his dress, a very nice wig and then he pranced over to the camera. It was quite sexy to watch the transformation.

CM: How does this look? Does Miss L approve?

ML: Turn around

He spun around causing his dress ruffles to bounce a bit.

ML: You look delightful! Now I want to see my good by act naughty.

He covered his mouth with his hand (like a proper lady), laughed and then curtseyed.

CM: Whatever you wish my Mistress
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The twilight zone

After my trip to London I feel a bit empty. Aside from my personal issues while there my scene experience was great...too great in fact. It's made me feel as if the scene in this area is not where I belong.

When I was overseas it was like a parallel universe where plus size dominant women were in high demand but low supply. My American accent was charming and an instant conversation starter and any British accents were added bonus points for me. I got to attend three fetish events in the week that I was there and while I didn't get to know "everyone" I felt as if the crowd was much more welcoming than in the Metro DC area, which is a shame...because this is where I live.

I also got to meet with five potential submissives, only one of who I had actually chatted with online. The previous guys all backed out in one form or another---so I guess they have that in common with the American men as well. But the gents I did meet while there were a total delight and needed little to no coaching on my part to be submissive toward me. It was amusing leading one guy around by his belt buckle in the busy streets of London as we did get a few odd looks haha.

I know that I don't go out in the Metro DC scene anymore because it is a bit of a headache with the social politics (two groups are vying for attention and hold their festives on the same night every month), the influx of Pro Dommes at every event trying to drum up business, and the general clique feel of things. It seems to be all in "who you know" and "not what you like" in this area.

I've been dreading admitting this because I'm not sure if it was a mix of the travel bug (i.e. new place = blinders, foreign country, etc) or if it really is as black and white as it appears from my end. I've been back two months now and still, like a steady, annoying, drip from a leaky ceiling the men contacting me here are not within my criteria. The fact that many of them don't take the time to read a few simple words on a profile that states what I'm looking for in bullet format really irks the shit out of me! I find myself more angry at the fact that they blatantly ignore my wishes to write me promising how devotedly submissive they are and how well they follow instructions than the actual messages themselves.

*Sigh*  So the question remains, "Where are all the good male DC submissives?"
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Go tweet yourself

Okay, it's official...I've joined the masses.

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Birthday wishes (Part 2)

I had invited quiet sub, I knew he was coming...I just wasn't prepared for it. We had some good sessions but then things just sort of dissolved with our work schedules and my lack of initiative and the times we had seen each other since then had been in vanilla settings.

So while prepping drinks in the kitchen, when I caught a glimpse of a cute, skinny, white boy with long hair coming thru my front door, it didn't dawn on me that it was quiet sub...even though he had told me he had grown his hair out.

There's no other way to say it: He looked completely and utterly fuckable!

Instantly I was happy I had asked him earlier in the week to let me give him some of my birthday spankings, to which he had happily agreed stating, "Whatever the birthday girl wants."

If there's one thing I miss about hanging out with quiet sub it's that he likes to have a good time. And by good time, I mean that we can drink together and get a little wild. He greeted me with a hug and I greeted him with a drink. He's much more relaxed when he drinks and I wanted him to be all relaxed and ready to receive my spankings.

We mingled at the party but kept stealing moments in the corner of random body gropings, intense looks, and bedroom eyes.

I pulled my other sub aside and said, "I want to give you my spankings with quiet sub, is that okay?"

"Of course! If that's what you want Miss L," he responded smiling.

I slunk over to quiet sub and pressed him up against my hallway wall lightly, carefully placing my body just close enough to make him feel my body heat. I could feel his heart beating against my breasts and his breath was hot with liquor.

"Are you still okay with me giving you spankings with my other sub?" I asked half expecting him to veto the idea at the last chance.

He thought for a brief moment and said smiling, "Yes, it's fine, as long as you're still doing the spanking."

Shortly thereafter I told the other sub to go to bed room and wait for me there and then I told quiet sub the same minutes later, staggering their entrances.

I stayed back in the midst of the party a few minutes more (just to make them wait) and then I walked back to my bedroom, opening the door to each of them standing at attention. I locked the door swiftly behind me, the alcohol coursing thru me had shifted my aggressive gear even higher than usual. My mind raced with all the things I could do with not one but two willing submissives. 

But I needed to focus on the task at hand.

"So are you two ready for your spankings?" I asked mischievously grinning slyly.

"Yes Miss L" both said aloud.

I directed them to remove their pants and to get on their hands and knees facing away from me.

If I wasn't excited before, this moment was when it hit me: Two adorable subbie boys were waiting to be spanked by me, bottoms in the air just screaming be touched. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed quiet sub's perfectly round cheeks.

I made the other sub look as well to confirm that it was a great ass.

"You're right Miss L, he does have a great ass," he said to me directly. I nodded and pushed him back down with a smile. Objectifying men the way they sometimes do to women makes me smile if only for the mere fun in turning the tables.

I grabbed Bianaca, couldn't leave her out of the festivities, and paddled the other sub's bottom for a few slaps. He moaned with his head down. Then I moved to quiet sub and did the same. They both arched their backs and pushed their asses closer to me, wanting more. I switched to my hands taking turns, spanking one while teasing the others' balls. They moaned and groaned in pleasure. Inside the bedroom it sounded like a full on mini-orgy.

I couldn't let my other vanilla guests hear what was going on so I made quiet sub kneel on his knees and face me while the other submissive remained on all fours.

"You are so fucking hot. Do you miss me spanking you?" I asked quiet sub, grabbing a handful of his newly long hair forcing him to look up at me.

"Yes Miss L I do," he said in shallow breaths.

I reached down to feel his growing cock and then I spanked the other sub who was on my left side.

I squeezed quiet sub's nipples and he let out a tiny noise that sounded like a deflating balloon.

"Do you want to kiss me?" I asked him.

He nodded and I grabbed his hair again and planted my luscious lips to his. He tasted like the tequila we had taken a shot of earlier. He was quick to give me his tongue and we made out briefly while I pinched and grabbed the other sub's ass with my free hand. There's an intensity between quiet sub and I sometimes, a carnal-ness that takes over when we focus on each other but I didn't want to leave my other sub out.

"Spank him!" I commanded quiet sub pointing to the sub's bottom.

He lifted his hand back and swatted at his bottom landing a firm but not heavy smack.

I could tell the spankee was enjoying this as I knew he enjoyed being spanked also by men with his bi-curious tendencies.

Throughout the night I played a little more in bed with the other submissive, I teased him endlessly and promised he could orgasm the following day with a dildo in his ass (which he did) and he thanked me for letting him have the honor of sharing my bed.

Quiet sub and I played a bit more the next morning as well and I can honestly say with two blowjobs, four spankings, being fingered, having my nipples sucked, watching someone orgasm to my pictures, and fucking a sub with a dildo, this was one of the best birthday I've had in ages.

How can I possibly top this next year?!
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