Flirting: A fine art

I've often said that I believe flirting should be treated as a fine art. It is not something one can wander into with no experience, no clear objective, and certainly no quips on hand. For me whenI am flirted with it either goes into one of two categories: 1) Nice try bum. Next! or 2) Well what do we have here? Those are my only two mental reactions. One of them will lead to an equally flirtatious response from me the other...well...let's not strive for the other.

I learned at a very young age that flirting was a gateway action. Get that perfected and the possibilities were endless. I've been known to give men who may otherwise not have captured my attention a second look-over solely because I was attracted to their flirting technique.

And I'm sure anyone who has swapped racy emails, naughty pics, or even spent a few nights sexting knows that the build up a good flirting does for any actual sexual acts makes it all the more better.

I know not every guy is versed in the way of flirting, so I'm going to give you lacking men some quick tips to remember:

When You Least Expect It
Flirting can happen almost anywhere, so always bring your A game...or at least a solid B-. 

Timing Is Everything
Notice I said flirting can happen, almost anywhere, not everywhere. This means no flirting at funerals, just after a woman has left the bathroom (this always feels creepy), at interviews, religious ceremonies, while she's crying on your shoulder after a break-up, after a car accident, and anywhere else where there is a larger issue for your cosmic meeting. I personally know these are horrid locations because someone has tried to flirt with me at each one.

Don't Babble
If you lack any clever lines, just stick with the facts and tell her a little about yourself and your interests.

No Arm Waving Necessary
A little subtlety goes a long way. You don't need to be a complete ass to get a girl's attention. A nod, wink, cocked smile, or even shy glance could be the in you need. But choose only one of these and if it's a wink, only one wink, otherwise it appears as if you have tourettes or you think she is for rent for the night. 

Hands Off!
No touching unless invited to do so. I know many women feel violated when someone, especially a man, invades their personal space. She will give you clues if it's okay to make contact with her, such as her touching you first, her moving closer than necessary, shifting her weight in your direction, etc. When you get the signal be sure to touch her appropriately...this isn't the time for nipple tweaking.

Listen Carefully
Once you've got a woman's attention. Stay engaged and pay attention. If you are interested in something she says, ask her for more details. It's been proven that one of the top five traits the average woman wants in a partner is for them to be a good listener.

It's All In Your Head
Flirting is an attitude. If you're confident in your actions she be will too. Nothing says "You want me" like "I KNOW you want me."

Now get out there and sharpen those flirting skills fellas...and ladies, don't give them such a hard time if they stumble a gotta kneel before you can beg.
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Exactly what the doctor ordered

Anyone who lives in this area knows that underestimating traffic can mean the difference between making your movie date slightly late or having to reschedule for the next week. I reminded myself this when nurse sub showed up to my house a little over two hours past our meeting time this week. He had informed me that he was going to be running late, I just wasn't aware how much. Once he arrived I realized that he had been sitting in a hot car for over an hour just to see me on his day off...I could cut him some slack.

I mentally reorganized the things I had awaiting him and we chatted for a few minutes before I curbed the small talk and told him while looking over a small list, "I've got some chores for you to do for me today."

He happily began working and I felt better about asking him to come over that day to pamper me. First I made him put the dishes away. I didn't tell him where anything went and told him to find where most things went on his own. I wanted to see if he was going to nag me about their placement but he's rather sharp and did fine without my micro-managing.

He finished that in a snap and then I said, "Now go to the bedroom, remove your clothing down to your underwear, put on the collar that is on the bed and return to me for your next task."

I was busy finishing up some work of my own on the computer when nurse sub returned exactly as commanded. I had told him previously to wear "cute" underwear and it seems he had chosen well as he knelt before me in the collar and an eye catching, bright, modern pair of briefs.

I gave him his next tasks with more detailed instructions: dusting, vacuuming, and tidying up.

He again completed these without much assistance and with a smile on his face. I liked looking over from my work only to see him dusting away in tight undies and a collar.

When all those were done he came and knelt again at my feet. It was then I gave him step-by-step instruction on painting my toenails. When I finished I was surprised that he picked it up so quickly and did a more than decent job on his first try. Usually submissives (no matter how good their intentions) get a little sloppy with the nail polish and instead of toes that look steadily painted you'd swear a blind man had a try with the tiny bottle and brush.

Once my toes finished drying I wanted to have my feet massaged. I know that nurse sub loves feet and I love having my feet touched. I imagined all this contact with my feet was as pleasing to him as it was me and it always escapes me that he previously took massage classes until he actually begins massaging.

He held my feet delicately and ran his hands along my soles, taking care to knead at the right spots. He even wedged his fingers in between my toes making sure every spot on my foot had been touched in one way or another.

"Does that feel good Miss?" he asked mid massage but words escaped me and I just nodded as I relaxed on my pile of pillows.

Next I wanted to feel his hands on my body and I removed my top and had him unclasp my bra before he began oiling me up. Each moment he continued to massage my back I sank a little further into the bed. Saying that nurse sub has magic hands doesn't do him justice.

If you're noticing a lack of relaying in nurse sub's dialogue it's because he's rather quiet and doesn't speak unless spoken to generally when in sub mode (where ever did he pick up this little gem). Not to mention he is dedicated and focused once he goes about doing a task. I find him to be one of few submissives who genuinely enjoys submitting only because it makes the dominant happy. He is happy to cater to whims with nothing in return if he feels the dominant is getting exactly what they need; a true service submissive at heart.

But I can't help admitting after all the body massaging I was feeling a bit frisky. So, I put my bra back on slowly and then made him lay a blanket down on the floor. 

"Lay down on the ground," I instructed pointing to the ground. He did as he was told but went to lay on his stomach before I corrected him.

"Close your eyes," I ordered once he flipped over on his back.

I lowered myself down onto his face supporting my weight on my hands at first. I could feel him blow an exhale of hot air between my legs. I looked under myself to be sure I was situated as I wanted to be and then I begin to rub my lady parts on his face.

I could feel him wriggling under me and poking his tongue out thru my panties. I ground down a bit more on him. Occasionally I would check on him but he seemed fine as he stretched and craned his neck to try to get more of "me" on his face. At one point I sat up with his head between my legs and under my thighs, his forehead just peeking out and  I put the majority of my weight down on just his head. I could feel him using his mouth to try to satisfy me as waves of hot air moved between my legs whenever he wasn't suckling on the outline of my lips thru my panties. His eagerness and flicks of sensual stimulation were arousing and I began to rock my weight back and forth as I smothered him under me. It was queening at it's finest.

After a bit I stood up from him, my pussy noticeably wetter than when I first sat down and I looked at him.

He sat there, eyes closed, with the biggest smile on his face. He looked completely and utterly content. I've never seen a gentleman look as if a miracle had happened in between my legs but nurse sub could hardly sit up as he thanked me for allowing him the experience. His happiness made me smile as I couldn't help but think of the joy my womanhood had brought him that was only a small taste of it.

I'd say in this case I prescribed exactly what nurse sub needed.
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59 days never felt so long

I have mentioned to a few of you individually but I am making it officially known that I will be traveling overseas at the end of the summer thanks to my very best friend/brother/kinkster-in-training/partner in hilarious crime. 

I am ecstatic!

It has been far too long since I have traveled to Europe for an extended period and I plan to make the most of it as this time I will be a full-fledged adult.  <---Can we say trouble?

Like any good Mistress I have already begun the preparations for meeting little British subbie boys and filling in a mostly kinky (and some vanilla) social calendar. I'd prefer not to be completely out of the loop once I arrive. 

I must admit a huge turn on for me has always been the accents of foreigners alike, but the English accent stirs something deep within. Anytime I imagine a proper speaking submissive toy at my feet I get goosebumps.

I'll be hitting a few of the touristy spots as well but it's really the hidden gems of the city I'm after.

I imagine the city will need quite a rest when I am done with it and I will share all the juicy details with you dear readers!
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Is that a banana in your pocket...

..Or are you just happy to see me?

I love it when the guys I chat with online send me requested sweet nothings.

It reads: Miss L <3 All for You

There's nothing quite like seeing your name written on a nice hard cock, oozing with a warm load. Gives me fuzzies inside. I must be sure to return his request as well.
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