40 Days and 40 Nights

"What's the longest you've ever gone without cumming?" 
"Erm, it was 8 days Mistress." I said nervously into the phone. 
'Hahahahahaha!" She laughed. "Oh puppy, we will do better" 

This was one of the first questions Mistress asked me when she first took me under her care, and placed me in her 126 Day Training regime. One of the initial rules I was given was that my cock, was now Mistress's cock. She owned it, and it was now her property, not mine. She told me that I was not allowed to touch her property anymore, except with her permission. 

This is something I had tried before online, but never with the level of commitment from a Domme that Mistress was showing me, and this made it easier to obey and follow. Initially Mistress told me that I would be allowed to cum after 13 days, unless I messed up, and then that date would be moved further back. 

The first week was extremely difficult! Being in this new relationship with an incredible Domme, meant I was in a constant state of arousal. Mistress kept getting me to repeat the phrase to her 'I am a good boy, I will not touch Mistresses cock,' whenever she thought I was wavering to temptation.

The first time my date got moved was after Mistress had ordered her puppy to buy some kinky toys. When they arrived I was given a choice. I could open them now, but the 13 days would reset, or open them later and it would stay the same. Unfortunately (very much like my Mistress) patience is not a strong point of mine. I begged Mistress to let me open my new toys.

She laughed, "Go ahead puppy," as the 13 days mentally and verbally reset. 

Once the toys were open Mistress teased her puppy hard, bringing me just to the point of orgasm, where I was sure I would be released.

"Stop playing with my property and put your toys away baby," she told me over the cam.

This kind of denial was something I had not experienced before and something that excited me a lot. It would have been so easy to 'finish the job' once our cams were off, but I never wanted to. The relationship I felt I was building with this person was too strong to throw away. Mistress is experienced, Mistress knows how to read people, and Mistress was very much in my naughty, slutty head. I knew if I did cum, she would know, she would expose it, and make me confess every detail to her. 

As the days went on, like a stupid slutty pup, I would try to tease Mistress on cam. I would put my body in certain ways on cam, or walk in a certain way. This would never end well for me...at all. Mistress could tease me back so much harder, in so much less obvious, slutty ways. There have been several times I have been twitching at the end of the phone, begging to touch her property. Mistress allowed me a few times to touch her property as she watched, but the deal then became, that I would not be allowed to cum for 40 days and 40 nights. This seemed like such a long time and if this had of been the initial challenge instead of 13, I do not believe I could have done it. Mistress made it clear how proud she would be if i could do it and that after that time she would fully control her property. Of course like everything else she wanted, she convinced me and by the end of one of our many late night phone calls, I was begging to kept locked up for 40 days. 

Courtesy of http://www.blissgordon.com/During these 40 days, with Mistress's permission, I booked a flight from England to America to go and see her. This has made me more excited than I have been for a long time, and I think it has had a similar effect on Mistress too. Mistress told me she had been thinking about making me wait till I arrived to her before release and she wanted to know my thoughts. Mistress is very fair and did give me an option, as she had previously said that I would be allowed out after 40 days. Instantly though I begged her for this. I figured if I could do 40 days, an extra 2 weeks couldn't be that bad, if it meant I could be with her at the end time in chastity. As I type this I am 42 days without having voluntarily cum once, and I look forward to reaching the 50 mark and then soon after getting to Mistress.

I do feel that this time spent is chastity is my best achievement as a submissive to date and I do only have Mistress to thank for that. She has made me so desperate to submit and please her, that I have wanted to deny myself for her sole pleasure. I look forward to getting to her, but not for release, just so i can be hers. And I know in the back of my mind that any bad behavior upon my arrival could mean that Mistress coould decide her puppy can wait just a little longer....

Edited by Natali Noir
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Breaking the habit

"I want to do the most disgusting fucked up shit with you," he said with a sigh into the telephone.

I squeezed my eyes tightly, gripping my own phone and tried to stop the flash of images running through my mind:

Taking him over my knee and spanking him until he cried and then as I consoled him choking him and until he nearly passed out, spitting in his mouth as he gasped for air only to let him catch his breath and do it over again. And when he had gotten himself together, I'd drag him by the hair to the toilet and hold his head in until I thought he had drank enough.

I think it was safe to say I wanted to do some pretty fucked up shit with him as well. The kind of shit I might have seen pictures of online but never thought I'd partake in.

I was beginning to remember why I had renamed my decade long journey from mundane to Mistress---Down The Rabbit Hole when I recounted it to others.

He was saying, 'Drink me'.
And I was saying, 'More'.

This all started about two months ago. I was browsing Collarspace as I happen to do every once in awhile when I need a good laugh at the profiles or when looking for eye-candy. One of these is much more prevalent on a site like this...

I had stumbled upon his profile and it was innocuous enough, save for the bit about him being picky about whom he served. He was one of the few submissive men I'd seen that stated they didn't just throw themselves at any ol "Dommey Domme".

I liked this.

Courtesy of http://elitedaily.com

I liked his picture so I sent a quick note of "Cute :)" and nothing more. Within moments we were chatting on messenger. Hours passed, I learned about his kink experience, his fetishes, what he wanted in his future, hell he'd even been foolish enough tell me his real name. He held nothing back that I wanted to know and this made me feel even more in charge of him with each word we exchanged. When he called me 'Mistress' my loins tingled, I felt dizzy and my heart raced.

What the hell was happening to me? What was he doing to me?

Night grew to morning and morning grew into day...we realized at some point we should sleep.

The next day I asked him to enter my 126 Day Submissive Training Program and after negotiating a light contract and he accepted. We haven't stopped talking each day and each night since. We're feeding off of each other and I can't tell whether that's going to be the base of a beautiful thing or the weak crutch of a terrible short lived mistake.

I'm a woman who knows what I want and what I wanted was him.

Oh yes he might have been in another time zone over 4,000 miles away, half the world apart but that didn't stop us. Each day those miles have seemed to melt away as I knew he be under my boot in just 21 short days.

My little lost puppy will be finding his way to me and I will greet him with open arms.

Are we crazy? Maybe a little.
Will this be worth it? We hope so.
Is it going to be fucking hot? Absolutely!

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Podcast - Episode 4 -"Consent Violation & Privacy"


This week we're getting deep into 'Consent Violation' & 'Privacy Among Kinksters'. I'll also answer one Kinky Question of The Day (KQOTD) from a reader.

Here are the podcast highlights...

** 00:28 - Consent, consent violations, and consensual non-consent

** 15:55 - Scene names and how to keep yourself/identity protected

** 23:34 - Kinky Question of The Day "What are some warm-up techniques before play?"

** 27:30 - Next week's topics---Poly, mono-poly, and navigating the scene as a non-poly person

Consent & BDSM: The State of Law

Feel free to listen below...

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