Second chances

In the beginning when I went on a blog hiatus six months ago I felt fevered. I needed to get back to my roots in kink and delve deeper than I ever had before. I needed to feel that unbridled desire again.

"Am I hurting you pet?" I asked my fresh faced submissive.

"No Miss," he replied after a moment.

I smiled and carried on positioning myself so that I could see what I was doing.

We had been in the dungeon for nearly 3 hours now and had been playing constantly. I whipped him for not responding fast enough in the first hour, made him clean my boots with just his pathetic tongue in the second hour and was rounding the third hour out with some good ol' fashion CBT.

He was taking everything like a champ and I cared neither here nor there if he had a safeword and what it may have been.

I wrapped the fishing wire tighter around his cock which I had ordered to rise and it did on command. He said the blood was starting to be restricted and it was turning colors but I saw nothing---so I continued on.

I dug my nails deeply into his shaft until it started to bulge and then trickle blood down hand and onto the floor.

A slight whimper was all he emitted and he asked for more.

"Please Miss, your pet has given you its cock use it as you wish," he said in one breath.

Use it as I wished?

I was doing exactly that. I caught some of his cock blood with my hand and cupped it to his mouth smearing it all over his face. He lapped it up happily. Pathetic.

I reached for my just polished wooden paddle with the sharp nails on one side and whacked his dick slow but hard. I was hoping to drag it slowly off his cock but it kept catching on his skin so I just ended up whacking it.

If he cried I hadn't heard. If he shuddered I didn't see it. He stood like a bloody soldier taking my beating as long as I wanted to dish it out.

My other sub-in-training came over to me and peered over my shoulder.

"Ahh you're at the dungeon again?" he absentmindedly said as he watched my computer screen.

I nodded.

"Yeah I'm giving this guy one hell of a beating because I'm bored." I said all the while still clacking on the keyboard and beating his cock raw.

"Well you have been playing Second Life every night for about 3 months now, I imagine you're ready for something new," my real life sub said.

And I was ready for something new, hence the reason I even joined Second Life in the first place. I had heard tales of crazy things happening on the virtual platform and wanted to see for myself.

If you're unfamiliar with Second Life, it is an online virtual world where you can be anyone and anything from a newborn baby to a robot all between socializing and interacting with other people from around the world. It's a little more in depth than a chat room for the lifestyle because it has visuals, you can make an kind of character (and roleplay) you want and use that in the virtual world.

I had intially made a good girl---I was going to turn her into a model and spend my days on the beach hanging out but somehow I had found the BDSM side of Second Life filled with dungeons and no limit subs and I hadn't looked back.

That was 3 months ago and I learned a lot about myself and my imagination. I even found some new kinks that I hadn't explored in RL because they didn't appeal to me or they were too hard to negotiate in real life. It was refreshing and an eye opener to me.

I haven't played much since as I've decided to take what I discovered and apply that to real life with my real sub-in-training and go from there. The most important thing I discovered was myself again and my need to have kink in my life.

This was the second chance I needed for a new perspective on BDSM.
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It ain't easy being kinky

It's been almost two months since my last update. There are several reasons for this but mainly it's a deeply personal issue of a mid-kink identity crisis and I haven't figured out how to share it with you guys until today.

I've come to notice it's not as easy as, "I think therefore I am" within the kink community or kinky mindset. Over the years I've evolved into my own image of what I want to embody as kink. There are certain activities I won't engage in and others I see so mildly tame, I hardly register them as kinky anymore. But that's really not the issue. 

The issue has always been "Who am I?"

When I first started kink I heard I was too inexperienced to participate in some parties.
And after a few years of play under my belt I wanted to hang out with other dommes but I got told I was too young to be apart of their club.
Then when I wanted to start my own site it was mentioned that I was too tame compared to other dommes. 

I am kinky. I am geeky. I am plus size. I am brown. I am friendly. I am bitchy. I am dominant.

I am all these things and more. Some of them will show when I am playing with others, some will not and that's okay. So often I feel like the community has a mental checklist of what they think others need to exhibit to be called XYZ but in reality it doesn't matter what you think about them. All that matters is what they think of themselves. 

I've been entirely too introspective lately to really enjoy the fact that I've found someone who is willing to share all things kink with me. I don't have a "kink family" and I doubt I ever will but it would be nice to have some kinky friends who aren't so wrongly-righteously judgemental against others and are comfortable being themselves, even if it doesn't fit into nice little checkboxes.

This is why I will no longer be going by Mistress L. I no longer feel like I identify with this name and there isn't much attachment left to it. When I started out in the scene I thought I "needed" to have a tough/Mistressy/dominant sounding name. I settled on Miss L and went from there. This is not how I feel anymore. When I am ready to share my newly discovered nomenclature I will be sure to do it here first :)
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Meet the Ice Queen

Before we began, she gave me a simple instruction. 

“Until I say otherwise, you are not to make a sound.” 

I nodded in agreement. As I stood there, naked aside from the purple see-through underwear, she began to work the rope around my torso. I didn't know what she had in store for me, yet I couldn't help getting erect at the thought of being played with. She wrapped my torso in rope, and bound my hands behind my back. She left the room for a moment. Just long enough for me to ponder the possibilities. Was I going to be spanked? Would she run the faux-blade across my body? Or perhaps Mistress was in the mood for the wheel? She returned, much to my surprise, in a coat and shoes. 

“Follow me” she said. 

I stood there confused for a moment. She must have sensed my hesitation, because she looked back and glared as if daring me to disobey her. I quickly sped up and followed her lead. She lead me outside, onto the balcony. This was no clear, sunny morning. It was somewhere between 5 and 6 am, the air was more than brisk. I shivered slightly. My Mistress asked if I was cold, and I quickly replied with a “No”. I knew better than to chance ruining her fun in any way. I would suck it up and allow the chill air to permeate me, as though this were a double session with my Mistress and Mother Nature. She started to lick my nipples, and I felt the familiar sensation of ecstasy. As she worked her magical tongue on my nipples, I began to harden at a fast rate. As she worked her way across my chest, I felt a sting on my left nipple. I looked down to see a clothespin where her tongue used to be. As she finished up with my other nipple, she attached yet another clothespin. I felt an odd mixture of pain and pleasure from both of my nipples at this point. She rubbed her hand up and down my crotch, feeling up my massive manhood. 

Then she gave me an instruction, "You are going to worship my ass until I say otherwise."

She brought me to my knees, and then turned around. I was taken aback. Up until this point, I had been quite curious about ass-worship. I was secretly hoping that someday my Mistress might allow me to do this. I was completely overwhelmed by her request, and I let it show through my actions. Since my hands were bound, I completely buried my face into her thick, luscious ass. She was still wearing tights, as though her naked ass was a treat that I had yet to earn. I kissed, bit and licked every single area that my mouth could reach. I rubbed my nose, lips and cheeks against every area of her ass that I could reach. And then as quickly as it was given to me, it was taken away. She then pulled my face towards her crotch. I began to lick at her through her tights. She let out a subtle moan, further increasing my excitement. 

Once she had enough, she pulled me back up to my feet. I was led out of the cold and back into our dungeon. I was forced down onto the bed, and my underwear was removed. My Mistress stripped herself of all of her clothes, and settled herself down onto my extremely hard cock. 

“You have three times to make noise, and then I will stop riding you”. 

She was very wet, and very tight. It was all I could do to contain myself as she began to slide back and forth on top of me. I let out a soft moan, and she counted one finger. I immediately began to panic. I did not want this pleasurable sensation to end. Those large breasts, and her lovely lips and the way she looked at me were beginning to overwhelm me. I moaned once more. 

“That’s two,” she said. 

I didn't want this to end. I began to move back and forth with her, and I the pace quickened. She let out a moan as she began to ride me even harder. The bed began to shake with thrust that we gave. I wanted nothing more than for her to ride me to completion. I wanted her to drench me with her orgasm. The thought was too much to bear. Too much to keep silent. I let out a hearty moan. 

“That was three.” 

I begged and pleaded, but she got off of me. Just as easily as she rewards me, she can snatch it away in an instant.

Edited for approval by: Natali Noir
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Kick the sub not the bucket

I was thinking of what I'd like to add to my BDSM Bucket list for 2014 and stumbled upon this Sex Bucket List at The Bad Girl's Bible Sex Bucket List. I've bolded the ones I've completed, there are quite a few. Skip to the bottom to see how many and what the sub and I have in store for the year!

The Bad Girl’s Bible Sex Bucket List 

  1. Wake your partner up with a handjob/fingering
  2. Kiss a girl
  3. Sex with a celebrity
  4. Sex without kissing
  5. Loud, vocal, screaming sex
  6. Masturbate
  7. Finger yourself
  8. Use a vibrator
  9. Use a dildo
  10. Insert a butt plug/anal beads while masturbating
  11. Use Ben Wa balls
  12. Masturbate to porn
  13. Masturbate in candlelight
  14. Take someones virginity
  15. Have a one night stand
  16. Get a fuck buddy – You’ll probably need to be single for this!
  17. Sex with someone old enough to be your dad/mom
  18. Sex with someone young enough to be your son/daughter – Remember to keep it legal!
  19. Sex with someone of a different race
  20. Sex with someone who speaks a different language to you
  21. Sex with someone smaller than you
  22. Sex with someone taller than you
  23. Resistance sex – You act like you don’t want it while your man gropes, touches and molests you (don’t forget to use a safe word)
  24. Sex with an escort
  25. Sex with an Olympic athlete
  26. Sex beside/under a large waterfall
  27. Sex with a complete stranger
  28. Listen to music on your stereo while having sex
  29. Go see a male strip show
  30. Have break up sex
  31. Finger yourself or masturbate in front of someone without them knowing what you are doing – Try to keep it legal!
  32. Go skinny dipping
  33. Try every sex position – These 119 positions, with photos should get you going!
  34. Try anal sex
  35. Send/receive dirty text messages aka sex messages
  36. Make a homemade porno – Trust is crucial if you make your own porno. You obviously don’t want it getting online!
  37. Send/receive dirty pictures of each other – Again trust is crucial if you do this. You probably don’t want the whole world seeing naked pictures of you.
  38. Talk dirty to each other
  39. Have phone sex
  40. Have Skype sex / cyber sex
  41. Have snail mail sex – You can do this even if you live together, it makes for a very sexy surprise
  42. Sex in the shower
  43. Sex in the ocean
  44. Sex on a beach – Bring a rug! Sand getting where it’s not supposed to be can be very painful
  45. Sex in a car
  46. Give your man a blowjob while he is driving – Unfortunately it’s hard for him to return the favour and eat you out while you are driving 
  47. Give your guy a handjob/finger your girl while they are driving
  48. Sex in an elevator
  49. Sex in the rain
  50. Sex in the desert
  51. Use ice/frozen berries in your mouth while giving oral sex
  52. Sex in a hotel room
  53. Sex in every room in your house
  54. Sex in a forest
  55. Sex in a department store changing room
  56. Sex in public
  57. Sex while wearing lingerie
  58. Sex while in costume
  59. Eat food off each other – Whipped cream and fruit is great for this (but a little sticky). Anything oily or fishy is not, it stinks.
  60. Give your partner oral sex using syrup, cream, honey, lube or some other liquid on their genitals
  61. Masturbate in front of each other
  62. Mutually masturbate each other. He fingers you while you give him a handjob
  63. Sex while blindfolded
  64. Sex with restraints – Arms tied behind back or tied to the bed or tied and bent over a chair/table. Don’t forget to swap roles!
  65. Spank and get spanked by hand
  66. Make out in front of others in a busy place
  67. Play strip poker
  68. Sex on a boat – The smaller the better. Sex on a cruise ship is easy as everyone has a cabin. Sex on a dinghy on the other hand…
  69. Use a vibrator during sex
  70. Use a dildo during sex
  71. Use a butt plug during sex
  72. Toe sucking – You might want to wash them first!
  73. Use anal beads during sex
  74. Put a cock ring on your man during sex –  Vibrating cock ring optional
  75. Use a chastity device for at least a day before sex – On yourself, your partner or both of you
  76. Use nipple clamps during sex – On you or on your partner or on both of you
  77. Experiment with breath play during sex – Remember to be super safe if you plan on doing this. Make sure to read Jay Wiseman’s article on it to guide you before trying it.
  78. Use ear plugs during sex – Use them to block your/his nose too for extra sensory deprivation
  79. Sex in the workplace
  80. Mile high club – Sex on a plane
  81. Blowjob/Cunnlingus
  82. Suck, kiss & lick your guy’s balls/Suck, kiss & lick your girl’s labia
  83. Give a guy deep throat/Penetrate your girl deeply with your tongue
  84. Handjob/Fingering
  85. Ass fingering
  86. Prostrate massage – Unfortunately there is no equivalent for girls
  87. Give each other a regular massage and then finish it off with a happy ending
  88. Have sex while others watch
  89. Devils threesome – 1 girl and 2 guys
  90. FFM threesome – 2 girls and 1 guy
  91. Have a moresome – Sex with more than 3 people
  92. Go to a swingers party
  93. Sex while drunk
  94. Sex on a mild altering substance – Try to keep it legal!
  95. Go on a date with a skirt, but wearing no panties/briefs
  96. Go on a date without a bra – Unfortunately there is no equivalent for guys
  97. Go on a date with neither a bra or panties – Again there is no equivalent for guys
  98. Go on a date wearing only 1 item of clothing besides your shoes – Would be interested if any guys have actually done this
  99. Footjob
  100. Hair pulling during sex
  101. Use a whip, paddle, riding crop, flogger or belt to spank/flog your partner – Don’t forget to be on the receiving end too!
  102. Get/Leave marks the next day after getting whipped
  103. Rim job - Also called anilingus
  104. Strap on – Also called pegging
  105. Wear heels/boots and nothing else in bed – Guys can wear cowboy boots
  106. Striptease
  107. Sex on the balcony of a very tall building
  108. Sex while watching porn
  109. Sex while using a Swiss ball/yoga ball – The Swiss Miss sex position is a great start
  110. Go to a strip club and get a lap dance – Optionally take your partner
  111. Read erotica together and then act out your favorite sex scenes – Remember, you’re not reading it for the proseit’s to get ideas for your sex life!
  112. Pearl necklace – When a guy ejaculates onto your neck
  113. Get a facial
  114. Snow capped mountains – When a guy ejaculates onto your ass
  115. Swallow your man’s load
  116. Love biting
  117. Sex in an abandoned building
  118. Sex with the same person in at least 10 States or countries
  119. Sex with someone who speaks a foreign language
  120. Sex with someone else while your partner watches you
  121. Watch your partner having sex with someone else
  122. Have a quickie
  123. Let your partner suck your breasts like a nursing a baby
  124. Sex in silence
  125. Handjob/blowjob/fingering at the movies
  126. Sex in a nightclub/restaurant/bar/pub/public bathroom
  127. Sex at a music festival/concert
  128. Sex on the alter of a church
  129. Silent disco sex – Sex with both of you wearing headphones, listening to your favorite music
  130. Sex(ual) acts with an elected representative – local city council, state senate, even Congress counts!
  131. Rape roleplay
  132. Sex in your parents house
  133. Sex in your parents bed
  134. Use fruit/vegetables or other items to penetrate yourself or your partner with
  135. Use a fucking machine
  136. Go to a munch with your partner – A meetup for your local BDSM community
  137. Read and participate in – A great online community to discover, learn and help others improve their sex lives
  138. Read awesome sex blogs like Sexperts LoungeTiny Nibbles and listen to the Savage Love Podcast
  139. Try every position from the Kama Sutra
  140. Learn how to female ejaculate/squirt – Includes your guy learning how to make you ejaculate
  141. Tell each other your fantasies – Don’t forget to act them out too!
  142. Try some roleplaying fantasies with your man – This is perfect before transitioning to your own fantasies
  143. Wear a gag during sex
  144. Kissing in the rain
  145. Sex in front of a roaring fire
  146. Roleplay choking during sex. Just make sure that you do it safely. If you plan on trying it, then I suggest you read Jay Wiseman’s article on it to guide you.
  147. Play with his balls during sex/Rub her clit during sex (Doggystyle is the perfect position for this)
  148. Sensory deprivation during sex – ear plugs, ear plugs in nose, blindfold, mitts, restrained
  149. Wear a collar (not a shirt collar! More like a dog collar)
  150. Use a leash and collar
  151. Sex in complete darkness
  152. Be a maid/butler for a day for your partner, serving their every need
  153. Keep a private blog about your sexcapades with your partner (remember privacy and trust are crucial here)
  154. Sex in front of a mirror
  155. Use handcuffs during sex – On you, on your partner or used to tie you both together
  156. Have rough sex
  157. Sex without touching each other once with your hands
  158. Have a sex weekend – Stay in a really nice hotel, order room service and rarely leave your room for the whole weekend
  159. Sex with a foreigner
  160. Sex in a foreign country
  161. Surprise your partner with strawberries and champagne
  162. Sex on something vibrating – A washing machine or car hood both work well for this. You can even try the Washing Machine sex position
  163. Sex when other people are in the room – They don’t have to know about it though!
  164. Sex on a train
  165. Sex to the rhythm of a metronome – It’s a gadget that sways back and forth and makes a ‘tic’ sound each time. It’s often used by musicians
  166. Sex with at least 2 different people in one day
  167. Sex under the stars
  168. Sex under the sun
  169. Arrive to your man’s house in only heels/boots and a coat. Guys can use cowboy boots here
  170. Be a submissive sex slave to your partner for a night
  171. Climax at the same time
  172. Be a dominant mistress/master of your partner for a night
  173. Sex at a drive-in movie
  174. Have multiple orgasms during sex – Definitely a tough one for guys!
  175. Slowly rub ice over each other (think sensitive areas)
  176. Try queening with your partner
  177. Super-slow, sensual sex
  178. Make up sex
  179. Write erotica that features you and your partner – Don’t forget to get them to read it!
  180. Sex more than 7 times in one day
  181. Go to a sex club
  182. Answer the door naked to your partner
  183. Go to a sex show
  184. Go to a sex convention
  185. Try fisting, either receiving or giving
  186. Use a remote controlled sex toy in public on yourself and each other
  187. Have over 2 hours of foreplay before you have sex
  188. Wake your partner up with a blowjob/cunnlingus
  189. Wake your partner up to full on sex
  190. Sex with someone of the same sex
  191. Tit fucking/camel wank
  192. Use your nails on your partner’s back during sex
  193. Sex at a friend’s house party
  194. Slap your partner across the face during sex – Don’t forget to get slapped too
  195. Bite lips when kissing
  196. Bite your partner’s neck, arms, hands, ear lobes, genitals and the rest of their body – Just remember that some areas are more sensitive than others
  197. Orgasm Control – Control when your partner is allowed to orgasm and vice-versa
  198. Sex in a sex sling
  199. Sex in a tree house – Obviously make sure that there are no kids around!
  200. Sex with a member of the clergy
  201. Sex on furniture designed specifically for sex
  202. Squeeze/Massage/Fondle your partner’s genitals – Make sure to start off gently
  203. Be double penetrated by your man and a sex toy
  204. Be double penetrated by 2 men
  205. Airlock – Double penetrated and giving a blowjob at the same time
  206. Grope your partner in public
  207. Be groped in public
  208. Post naked pictures of you (& your partner) online – Just remember that once you post something online, it’s going to be there forever!
  209. Take pole dancing/stripping classes
  210. Sex against a wall
  211. Sex on the floor
  212. Sex on a couch – The Sofa Spoon position is perfect for this
  213. Give a birthday blowjob/cunnilingus
  214. Kiss your partner for hours without having sex
  215. Kiss, suck, squeeze, pinch and blow on your partner’s nipples
  216. Have an orgasm with the help of your partner without them touching your genitals – This can be very hard for guys to achieve unless they have their prostate massaged
  217. Kiss your partner on the backs of their elbows and knees
  218. Kiss your partner all over their back for more than 10 mins – Using just your lips, no hands or massaging
  219. Rub and massage the perineum – This is the patch of skin between the testicles/vagina and the anus
  220. Have sex in a room full of 100s of candles – Just make sure that nothing can accidentally catch fire
  221. Use a pair of sex dice
  222. Lunchtime sex when working
  223. Play some fun sex games – Here’s some ideas to get you started. Here’s even more!
  224. Pin your partner to the bed and don’t let them get away without getting what you want – Just make sure your partner is consenting!
  225. Wash each other in the shower – Optional Extra: Get into the shower wearing only a light, white t-shirt that will become see through when it’s wet.
  226. Wash your partner in a bath – You’ll find that most bathtubs are too small to both fit in there, so you’ll need to stand out of the bath
  227. Receive oral sex while you are on the phone
  228. Sex in a hot tub/jacuzzi
  229. Sex right after the gym
  230. Tell your partner what you like most about their body
  231. Minty mouthwash before oral sex
  232. Eat some food with aphrodisiac properties – Chocolate, oysters, champagne are a great start
  233. Undress each other
  234. Stare into each others eyes for 5 mins without breaking eye contact – Don’t forget to blink though!
  235. Ass pinching – Try squeezing his ass right as he’s cums. Don’t forget to do it randomly during the day too!
  236. Interlock your fingers with your partner’s during sex
  237. Use your mouth to put a condom on your man
  238. Burn incense during sex
  239. Spitroast
  240. Spend the whole day naked together
  241. Tell your partner, “Do whatever you want to me.” Just remember to use a safe word!
  242. Challenge your man to see who can go the longest without sex (the sexual tension will both drive you crazy with desire!)
  243. Sex in a tunnel – A cave counts too!
  244. Oh yeah, I almost forgot……Lose your virginity

That's 177 out of 244, told ya I was dirty :)

Miss L's 2014 Bucket List (things to try before the end of the year)
  • More outdoor play with new submissive
  • Schedule an kinky photo shoot for update pictures
  • Construct and use my own spreader bar
  • A scene involving me cutting clothes off my sub’s body

The sub's 2014 Bucket List
  • Have a violet wand used on me
  • Play at a club/event outside of the DMV area
  • Anal insertion/Dildo used on me (I promise to try at least once)
  • Tortured without sight or sound (so I can't see or hear when you’re going to hurt me)
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