Frosty the snow sub

It's not often you see snow in the late days of March but that was the case last night.

My sub and I (that has a nice ring to it!) decided after some flirty texting to meet for a quickie spanking (I'll call it a spankie) at nearly 3am. He had complained of not being able to sleep and I teased him that it was clearly because he just needed a firm hand to his bottom and suggested we meet so that I could rectify the situation.

I found a reasonable halfway point between our apartments and instructed him to meet there wearing something easily accessible (for me) and some panties. He had 25 minutes. I arrived before him and waited in the car but as the clock grew closer to our designated meeting time, he was nowhere to be found. Just as I was sure he was going to be late, two headlights pulled up behind me and out pops a figure in a skirt. It was my sub and he was right on time.

Upon closer inspection I realized he had a strange expression on his face. He looked like he had seen a ghost.

"Sorry I'm almost late, you'll never guess what happened?" He asked, his eyes growing as he spoke.

"What, what happened?" I inquired.

A hint of a smirk appeared on his face, "On my way here I got stopped by a cop."

"What?! What for?" I asked interrupting him.

"They were doing sobriety checks and I had to stop. I was so nervous, I didn't know what to do. I put my jacket over my skirt before I got to the officer," he explained.

I giggled as the image of him frantically trying to cover his exposed thighs with his jacket filled my head.

"What happened when you stopped?" I asked.

"Well the cop looked in the car at me and said, 'It's a little cold for shorts isn't it?'"

The officer had looked down at my sub's legs and assumed he was wearing shorts. This cracked me up even more. I'm convinced the cop thought he was masturbating but just didn't want to get involved in the paperwork for that at 3am. As scared as he looked, he seemed more exhilarated as we decided to park and take a walk in the woods together. Him in his skirt and sneakers, me in my sandals and tank-top.

The "woods" were no more than a small, see thru patch of trees, I remembered it differently but the area had been renovated since the last time I saw it years ago and daydreamed about spanking someone within its natural cover. It seemed to be out with the woods, in with a parking lot. And then out of nowhere, on our way to finding the perfect spot, it began to snow and didn't stop until we left.

I pointed out a tree that looked suitable and we trekked down the small hill to it.

"Lean against that tree," I commanded and pointed, indicating the large oak tree that stood before us.

He did as he was told and I lifted up his skirt to get a better feel of his ass. I like to think that I am a relatively straight woman (unless insanely drunk) but for some reason the sight of him in a skirt aroused me. I think the sheer displacement of a willing man in woman's clothing excites me. I switched between spanking his ass while it snowed on us and scratching up and down his legs with my nails and at one point thought about getting a switch from the tree to use but didn't want to break our rhythm. He let out moans that the night air caught and carried away like treasures of their own.

At one point I removed the scarf I was wearing and used it as a restraining device to tie his hands behind his back. I then pushed him lightly into the tree so that he was pressed between the tree in front and myself behind him.

I put my hands on his hips and pressed my breasts into his back and whispered, "Maybe once I get my strap-on I will bring you back out here so I can fuck you against a tree."

"Yes Miss L," were his only words before I leaned down to bite the back of his legs and butt cheeks.

He groaned in delight.

Despite the fun we were having even I couldn't help notice that the snow was falling harder and decided we should head back to our cars. I like this sub, I didn't want to lose him to hypothermia haha.

Once in my car he smiled as if I had given him a piece of his favorite candy. Behind his tousled hair he looked up at me and said sincerely, "Thank you Miss L."

I felt the familiar tingle in my pussy that I get when being particularity Dominant. 

"No, thank you," I said with a smile before we parted ways.
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What Bianca wants, Bianca gets

I'm not usually superstitious but I've been waiting to announce my most recent happenings.

"...we have to squeeze a lot of frogs before we find that prince who says "Thank you, Mistress harder."

I couldn't have said it a moment sooner as I believe I have found a potential submissive. In actuality he is a switch (why was I so adamant against them in the first place?) and he has the perfect mix of what I've been looking for.

I've been telling myself that I didn't need certain things within a BDSM relationship but I'm tired of putting up a fight. I'm glad I held out for someone who is poly, has a good personality, and generally doesn't have a lot of limitations on what they are willing to try and he's a fellow writer. Did I mention he has a disarming smile and spankable bottom to boot?

Ms. Bianca
I've been holding my breath all along the way thinking that he'd turn out to be just another frog but he surprised me!

Today we met to finalize some things before beginning his "official" training. Me being me, I presented him with a few pages of self-made forms to gauge his interests on activities and interrogated him with a set of my own curious questions; I mainly wanted to see him squirm and to get into his head a little. I had ordered him to wear a tie and a pair of very skimpy pink panties to work and then to see me afterward. He was all smiles and and blushes when arrived but I immediately made him strip and get on his knees.

"I'll give you a tour," I announced as I lead him around my apartment by his tie.  This was the closest thing to a collar and leash that I had on hand but he eagerly followed.

We chatted as he filled out the papers and I kept my boot clad foot on his exposed ass. I couldn't resist spanking it with the ruler I so "conveniently" had in my hand but apologized for surprising him. Yes, I apologized, see how out of practice I am?

Before he left I introduced him to my friend Bianca. She can be a bit shy at first but once she warms up to you, she'll always give you just what you need.

I made him get on his knees and ask me proper, "May I feel Bianca please?" he asked looking up at me. 

I twirled her in my hands, feeling the cool leather. 

"Yes you may but first get on all fours," I answered.

He did as he was told and I leaned down getting closer to that perfectly round ass.


I worried I had smacked him too hard but he didn't react that way. Bianca gave him what he was craving and he whimpered out softly before I smacked the other cheek just as many times. Then I rubbed his ass lightly with Bianca's less intimidating side.

That's the beauty in Bianca, she has a soft side but she also has a fierce side that she's not ashamed to bring out at all the right times and tonight was the right time.
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A short intermission

Don't think I've forgotten about you lovely people in the Blogsophere. I've just been taking on a few other projects. One including answering questions over at AllExperts. Be sure to check out my profile there if you have any questions about anything BDSM related that you might want to ask. It's private, free, and who knows, your question might help someone else with the same problem!

I'll be back shortly with sexy goodness!
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Hardwired for hardware

I had a photography job last year that revealed to me some misconceptions that I may have previously had.

I trekked into DC to an old row house just on the outskirts of the city. A significantly older woman than I was expecting answered. When she saw me she greeted me in but also expressed that I was much younger than she thought.

After much small talk she said in a completely serious tone, "Can you just make this chastity belt look sexy?"

She was referring to the pictures I was preparing to take of her.

For an old woman, I had to give it to her, she still had amazing breasts (which I later learned were well paid for).

We'd only just begun our photo session when I saw behind her a man walk thru the room. Dressed in business attire and striding past as if he didn't see us. I never even heard him walk into the room, which could all be explained due to the fact that this was all on her computer.

"There's a man...on your computer," I said hesitantly with a nod toward her monitor.

She looked over her bare shoulder and exclaimed, "Oh! That's my Master. Don't let him see you! These pictures are a surprise for him."

She scurried to the computer after throwing a silk robe on and had me take a seat in the corner out of line of sight from the web cam. Once they were done chatting we chit-chatted a bit more.

" he away on business or something?" I asked quizzically.

"Something like that," she smirked and said.

"Oh you're blushing like a school-girl...what aren't you telling me?" I goaded her.

"Well he's not away on business. He lives overseas. We communicate thru web cam," she replied. 

Fascinating. I needed to hear more.

"We've been together for 10 years now and we've never met face to face," the woman went on.

I was shocked to hear this. Ten years and they'd never once met?! This was mind-blowing to me. She said that they had talked about meeting a few years ago but that she had backed out with the jitters. Apparently he was "happily" married for half the time of their D/s relationship before his wife caught on to what was happening and filed for divorce.

In their arrangement they left their web cams running 24/7. If he didn't want want her to see anything on his end he just covered it up, but it was always on. She heard his wife and him have sex, argue, saw him fuck other women (namely his secretary) and more. She was essentially a part of their lives without being seen or heard. She on the other hand was to never turn her cam off or cover it, she wasn't allowed to sleep with other men, and she was to subject herself to his will via cam whenever he wanted. Were she to be asleep he would call her on her phone and command her to the computer. Sometimes he'd order her to clubs for play (just to have her recount her experience) or find other men online and arrange for them to have sessions on cam with her, all taking his requests on how to handle her.

"When was the last time you actually felt a man's the flesh," I asked her wide-eyed.

"Ten years, 7 months."

Wow. How could she commit herself so wholeheartedly to a man she had never met? A man who had never touched her skin? A man who was on a time difference equal to a part-time shift? I was amazed.

"When we met online, it was instant sparks. After months of talking online and on the phone when he asked me to give myself to him properly...I did so without question," she added.

And she had been doing so for over 3,000 long days. He held the key to her chastity that he had sent to her from overseas and she had not been unlocked since.

All of this was so hard for me to believe because I am a firm believer that online play is never a substitute for the real thing. I've always felt that it cheapened the experience of real time actions, that it was a gimp excuse for not being able to handle the real thing. But the woman I saw standing before me did not seem socially inept. She was well rounded, had lots of real time experience to boast about, and wasn't confused about her position with her Master, and most of all was happy with her relationship.

I was genuinely impressed.

I've been subjected to a slew of real time submissives who didn't have the integrity that she exhibited for a man who she had never even held in her arms.

I may stand corrected that web cam play isn't all bad. For some D/s couples it's a perfect mix between reality and a part of her life that doesn't need broadcasting. She is perfectly content on serving her Master in any and every way he demands. She is one of the few subs who I believe truly serves only for her Dominant's happiness.

With real time play there's gas for traveling, dinners out together, club prices, excessive equipment and accessories, time spent at events meeting people, and other unforeseen "real life" definitely adds a certain appeal to something web-exclusive. And while it's not for me, it isn't as one-dimensional as I had previously pegged it and for that, I will not turn my nose up to as I often have in the past.
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