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He was pressing his fingers up against my clit and it was all I could do not to cry out in pleasure. He traced it with his two fingers causing me to become increasingly more wet with each stroke.

"Get on top of me," he whispered in my ear. 

I was tired and not feeling like particularly taking charge.

"Is that what Mister wants?" I asked softly.

He paused, I'm sure trying to figure out if that's what he had heard.

"What did you say?" He now asked turning his naked body slightly toward my half naked body.

"Your Plaything asked if Mister desired it to get on top of him," I responded pitching my voice a bit higher than usual.

"My Plaything?" He repeated. He was confused or shocked by what I had said but either way I could see the corners of his mouth turning up into a smile...even in the dark.

"I am your Plaything. I am here for your enjoyment. I only want to give you pleasure," I said these words with such conviction.

His breath quickened and he asked, "You're mine?"

"Yes Mister. I am yours to do with as you please," I replied.

He curled up next to me laying his head on the exposed flesh peeking from the top of my bra. I didn't move.

"Why are you so stiff...you don't want to lay with me?" He asked in regards to my obviously rigid body posture after a few moments.

"I am sorry Mister. You did not say you wanted your Plaything to lie with you, is that what you would like?" I asked feigning confusion of human emotion.   

"Yes, I want my Plaything to lie with me," was all he said.

We cuddled together like this for little while until he got up on his knees and moved to be slightly between my legs.

I had made sure to not move unless he moved me. I let my limbs hang limp until he placed them wherever he wanted them and he was now putting my legs on his shoulders as he removed my panties.

"Does my Plaything want me to go down her?" He asked a slight gleam in his eyes.

"Your Plaything wants to do whatever will make Mister happy," I said slowly.

He wasted no time diving between my legs his tongue now where his fingers previously were drawing small figure eights inside me. He was awfully good with his tongue but I didn't want to come out of character with my moans so I only squirmed a little bit until he came up for air and resumed lying beside me.

"Touch my cock," he told me in his first command.

I placed my hand on his cock. Being sure not to do anything more.

"Is this what Mister wants?" I asked him.

"No. Stroke Mister's cock," he ordered.

"Your Plaything does not understand what Mister means. How would Mister like his cock stroked?" I responded.

He took my hand in his and closed it around his cock. He was hard. Rock hard. He began moving my hand up and down his shaft in long stokes.

"Is this what Mister likes?"

He groaned in response.

"Now I want my Plaything to get on top of me," he said after I had stroked him to maximum hardness.

I did exactly as he said, climbing onto his hard cock and then I sat there motionless.

"Does my Plaything not know what riding me is?" He asked laughing slightly.

"No Mister. Your Plaything is not sure what you mean exactly."

He placed his hands on my hands and guided me back and forth on his cock, the rhythm causing me to get even wetter. He thrust his hips into mine and pulled me down harder and moaned.

"Does my Plaything like this?" He asked mid-stroke.

"Your Plaything likes whatever Mister likes. Would you like to your Plaything to moan for you? I have 14 pre-set audios programmed, which would you like?" I asked.

He thought for a moment, his manhood twitching inside of me.

"Shuffle please," he said calmly not missing a beat.

I cursed myself inside for saying I was programmed with 14 different moans but couldn't help from feeling extra sexy as I began moaning.

I cycled thru, throwing in a high pitch squeal, a sensual moan, a guttural groan, a low growl, and a badly imitated porn moan.

"Go back," he said in the middle of me moaning.

I back tracked in my performance to the sensual, most natural moan, until he stopped me.

"Yes, that one. Mister likes that one," he said as he closed his eyes and fucked me deeper.

"Is your Plaything pleasing you?" I asked already knowing the answering.

He was speechless until he bucked his hips lifting me off him completely.

"What is wrong Mister?"

"My Plaything was about to be filled with Mister's come. I didn't want to get you messy."

I guess I had gotten my answer.

I laughed and told him, "Anytime you want to play with your Plaything all you have to do is ask."

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Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

"Oooohh ahhh" 

The moans escaped his throat in a ragged jumble of sounds.

I watched him arch his back in the air, lifting his thin frame above the mattress as my nails dug deeper into his flesh, the white tips of them disappearing into his stomach.

We had been like this for what seemed like a heavenly amount of time but in actuality was only a few minutes. I had no idea he would like the things I was doing to him but his body responded as if it couldn't get enough.

I placed my mouth next to his navel, licking a circle around it and then blew a huff of cool air in the same motion.

His breath caught in his throat as he struggled to breathe calmly. I began licking in larger circles covering his whole chest, working my tongue up his neck around his Adam's apple, under his chin, until I had covered his mouth with my own. All the air he released I took into myself and swallowed down my throat, the hotness sending shivers down my spine.

This time a moan escaped my own mouth. I couldn't hold it in, I didn't even try. Dragging my nails along his thighs up to his manhood and feeling his hardness, heavy in my hand spurred me to want to scratch his skin deeper. It made me want to turn my licking into quick nibbles and grab a handful of his usually tame but now wild mane in my free hand---all of which I did.

He hissed with his eyes closed, head digging into the pillow at the introduction of my teeth clamped around his left nipple, and it almost sounded like he said "More" and so that is what I gave him...

More of my breath
More of my hands around his throat
More of my breasts sweating on his chest....

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