I'm too sexy for this blog

I like to think I don't need validation that my blog is sexy and rather kick-ass but every girl likes a little attention now and then.

So whether it's me or another sexy blogger you want to nominate, it doesn't matter...just get on over to Between My Sheets to cast your vote for the Sexiest Bloggers of 2011. You only get one vote so make it count! *wink* Nomination closes on August 31 so tick tock! Be sure to read all the instructions before nominating.

Also there are prizes to be given just for nominating and I know you all like free goodies!

They include:
This year I limited myself to just three nominations and it was so tough. But, I'll be voting for Ms. Dee over at Curvaceous Dee, ol' Riff Dog for his lovely Ashley & Me tales (he better post soon to qualify!), and my new favorite read full of uniqueness Shape Shifter at Alternative Mindsets

Good luck everyone!