59 days never felt so long

I have mentioned to a few of you individually but I am making it officially known that I will be traveling overseas at the end of the summer thanks to my very best friend/brother/kinkster-in-training/partner in hilarious crime. 

I am ecstatic!

It has been far too long since I have traveled to Europe for an extended period and I plan to make the most of it as this time I will be a full-fledged adult.  <---Can we say trouble?

Like any good Mistress I have already begun the preparations for meeting little British subbie boys and filling in a mostly kinky (and some vanilla) social calendar. I'd prefer not to be completely out of the loop once I arrive. 

I must admit a huge turn on for me has always been the accents of foreigners alike, but the English accent stirs something deep within. Anytime I imagine a proper speaking submissive toy at my feet I get goosebumps.

I'll be hitting a few of the touristy spots as well but it's really the hidden gems of the city I'm after.

I imagine the city will need quite a rest when I am done with it and I will share all the juicy details with you dear readers!