Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

"Oooohh ahhh" 

The moans escaped his throat in a ragged jumble of sounds.

I watched him arch his back in the air, lifting his thin frame above the mattress as my nails dug deeper into his flesh, the white tips of them disappearing into his stomach.

We had been like this for what seemed like a heavenly amount of time but in actuality was only a few minutes. I had no idea he would like the things I was doing to him but his body responded as if it couldn't get enough.

I placed my mouth next to his navel, licking a circle around it and then blew a huff of cool air in the same motion.

His breath caught in his throat as he struggled to breathe calmly. I began licking in larger circles covering his whole chest, working my tongue up his neck around his Adam's apple, under his chin, until I had covered his mouth with my own. All the air he released I took into myself and swallowed down my throat, the hotness sending shivers down my spine.

This time a moan escaped my own mouth. I couldn't hold it in, I didn't even try. Dragging my nails along his thighs up to his manhood and feeling his hardness, heavy in my hand spurred me to want to scratch his skin deeper. It made me want to turn my licking into quick nibbles and grab a handful of his usually tame but now wild mane in my free hand---all of which I did.

He hissed with his eyes closed, head digging into the pillow at the introduction of my teeth clamped around his left nipple, and it almost sounded like he said "More" and so that is what I gave him...

More of my breath
More of my hands around his throat
More of my breasts sweating on his chest....

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