Breaking the habit

"I want to do the most disgusting fucked up shit with you," he said with a sigh into the telephone.

I squeezed my eyes tightly, gripping my own phone and tried to stop the flash of images running through my mind:

Taking him over my knee and spanking him until he cried and then as I consoled him choking him and until he nearly passed out, spitting in his mouth as he gasped for air only to let him catch his breath and do it over again. And when he had gotten himself together, I'd drag him by the hair to the toilet and hold his head in until I thought he had drank enough.

I think it was safe to say I wanted to do some pretty fucked up shit with him as well. The kind of shit I might have seen pictures of online but never thought I'd partake in.

I was beginning to remember why I had renamed my decade long journey from mundane to Mistress---Down The Rabbit Hole when I recounted it to others.

He was saying, 'Drink me'.
And I was saying, 'More'.

This all started about two months ago. I was browsing Collarspace as I happen to do every once in awhile when I need a good laugh at the profiles or when looking for eye-candy. One of these is much more prevalent on a site like this...

I had stumbled upon his profile and it was innocuous enough, save for the bit about him being picky about whom he served. He was one of the few submissive men I'd seen that stated they didn't just throw themselves at any ol "Dommey Domme".

I liked this.

Courtesy of

I liked his picture so I sent a quick note of "Cute :)" and nothing more. Within moments we were chatting on messenger. Hours passed, I learned about his kink experience, his fetishes, what he wanted in his future, hell he'd even been foolish enough tell me his real name. He held nothing back that I wanted to know and this made me feel even more in charge of him with each word we exchanged. When he called me 'Mistress' my loins tingled, I felt dizzy and my heart raced.

What the hell was happening to me? What was he doing to me?

Night grew to morning and morning grew into day...we realized at some point we should sleep.

The next day I asked him to enter my 126 Day Submissive Training Program and after negotiating a light contract and he accepted. We haven't stopped talking each day and each night since. We're feeding off of each other and I can't tell whether that's going to be the base of a beautiful thing or the weak crutch of a terrible short lived mistake.

I'm a woman who knows what I want and what I wanted was him.

Oh yes he might have been in another time zone over 4,000 miles away, half the world apart but that didn't stop us. Each day those miles have seemed to melt away as I knew he be under my boot in just 21 short days.

My little lost puppy will be finding his way to me and I will greet him with open arms.

Are we crazy? Maybe a little.
Will this be worth it? We hope so.
Is it going to be fucking hot? Absolutely!