What Bianca wants, Bianca gets

I'm not usually superstitious but I've been waiting to announce my most recent happenings.

"...we have to squeeze a lot of frogs before we find that prince who says "Thank you, Mistress harder."

I couldn't have said it a moment sooner as I believe I have found a potential submissive. In actuality he is a switch (why was I so adamant against them in the first place?) and he has the perfect mix of what I've been looking for.

I've been telling myself that I didn't need certain things within a BDSM relationship but I'm tired of putting up a fight. I'm glad I held out for someone who is poly, has a good personality, and generally doesn't have a lot of limitations on what they are willing to try and he's a fellow writer. Did I mention he has a disarming smile and spankable bottom to boot?

Ms. Bianca
I've been holding my breath all along the way thinking that he'd turn out to be just another frog but he surprised me!

Today we met to finalize some things before beginning his "official" training. Me being me, I presented him with a few pages of self-made forms to gauge his interests on activities and interrogated him with a set of my own curious questions; I mainly wanted to see him squirm and to get into his head a little. I had ordered him to wear a tie and a pair of very skimpy pink panties to work and then to see me afterward. He was all smiles and and blushes when arrived but I immediately made him strip and get on his knees.

"I'll give you a tour," I announced as I lead him around my apartment by his tie.  This was the closest thing to a collar and leash that I had on hand but he eagerly followed.

We chatted as he filled out the papers and I kept my boot clad foot on his exposed ass. I couldn't resist spanking it with the ruler I so "conveniently" had in my hand but apologized for surprising him. Yes, I apologized, see how out of practice I am?

Before he left I introduced him to my friend Bianca. She can be a bit shy at first but once she warms up to you, she'll always give you just what you need.

I made him get on his knees and ask me proper, "May I feel Bianca please?" he asked looking up at me. 

I twirled her in my hands, feeling the cool leather. 

"Yes you may but first get on all fours," I answered.

He did as he was told and I leaned down getting closer to that perfectly round ass.


I worried I had smacked him too hard but he didn't react that way. Bianca gave him what he was craving and he whimpered out softly before I smacked the other cheek just as many times. Then I rubbed his ass lightly with Bianca's less intimidating side.

That's the beauty in Bianca, she has a soft side but she also has a fierce side that she's not ashamed to bring out at all the right times and tonight was the right time.