Frosty the snow sub

It's not often you see snow in the late days of March but that was the case last night.

My sub and I (that has a nice ring to it!) decided after some flirty texting to meet for a quickie spanking (I'll call it a spankie) at nearly 3am. He had complained of not being able to sleep and I teased him that it was clearly because he just needed a firm hand to his bottom and suggested we meet so that I could rectify the situation.

I found a reasonable halfway point between our apartments and instructed him to meet there wearing something easily accessible (for me) and some panties. He had 25 minutes. I arrived before him and waited in the car but as the clock grew closer to our designated meeting time, he was nowhere to be found. Just as I was sure he was going to be late, two headlights pulled up behind me and out pops a figure in a skirt. It was my sub and he was right on time.

Upon closer inspection I realized he had a strange expression on his face. He looked like he had seen a ghost.

"Sorry I'm almost late, you'll never guess what happened?" He asked, his eyes growing as he spoke.

"What, what happened?" I inquired.

A hint of a smirk appeared on his face, "On my way here I got stopped by a cop."

"What?! What for?" I asked interrupting him.

"They were doing sobriety checks and I had to stop. I was so nervous, I didn't know what to do. I put my jacket over my skirt before I got to the officer," he explained.

I giggled as the image of him frantically trying to cover his exposed thighs with his jacket filled my head.

"What happened when you stopped?" I asked.

"Well the cop looked in the car at me and said, 'It's a little cold for shorts isn't it?'"

The officer had looked down at my sub's legs and assumed he was wearing shorts. This cracked me up even more. I'm convinced the cop thought he was masturbating but just didn't want to get involved in the paperwork for that at 3am. As scared as he looked, he seemed more exhilarated as we decided to park and take a walk in the woods together. Him in his skirt and sneakers, me in my sandals and tank-top.

The "woods" were no more than a small, see thru patch of trees, I remembered it differently but the area had been renovated since the last time I saw it years ago and daydreamed about spanking someone within its natural cover. It seemed to be out with the woods, in with a parking lot. And then out of nowhere, on our way to finding the perfect spot, it began to snow and didn't stop until we left.

I pointed out a tree that looked suitable and we trekked down the small hill to it.

"Lean against that tree," I commanded and pointed, indicating the large oak tree that stood before us.

He did as he was told and I lifted up his skirt to get a better feel of his ass. I like to think that I am a relatively straight woman (unless insanely drunk) but for some reason the sight of him in a skirt aroused me. I think the sheer displacement of a willing man in woman's clothing excites me. I switched between spanking his ass while it snowed on us and scratching up and down his legs with my nails and at one point thought about getting a switch from the tree to use but didn't want to break our rhythm. He let out moans that the night air caught and carried away like treasures of their own.

At one point I removed the scarf I was wearing and used it as a restraining device to tie his hands behind his back. I then pushed him lightly into the tree so that he was pressed between the tree in front and myself behind him.

I put my hands on his hips and pressed my breasts into his back and whispered, "Maybe once I get my strap-on I will bring you back out here so I can fuck you against a tree."

"Yes Miss L," were his only words before I leaned down to bite the back of his legs and butt cheeks.

He groaned in delight.

Despite the fun we were having even I couldn't help notice that the snow was falling harder and decided we should head back to our cars. I like this sub, I didn't want to lose him to hypothermia haha.

Once in my car he smiled as if I had given him a piece of his favorite candy. Behind his tousled hair he looked up at me and said sincerely, "Thank you Miss L."

I felt the familiar tingle in my pussy that I get when being particularity Dominant. 

"No, thank you," I said with a smile before we parted ways.