"Etiquette" training test results (Week 5)

Etiquette can always be a odd thing to learn, especially for the completely unrefined. When I was an unruly teenager I was sent to Finishing School in the hopes that it would tame whatever mischievous beast was growling within me...let's just say it didn't completely work as planned. It just made me a pretentious bad ass and evolved into my love for etiquette as an adult. Just more ways for me to prove I have better manners than you hehe.

Lucky  for me my little subbie is a sponge who is good (and hopefully enjoys) absorbing all the knowledge I am instilling on him and that's exactly what he did for the training. He was tested on his Written, Oral (get your mind out of the gutter!), Service and Appearance etiquette.

His appearance was acceptable except for his un-tucked shirt, his newly taught greetings and introductions were spot on, he replicated the following casual dining placement even when I threw in decoy dishes and utensils...

And his written etiquette was perfectly understood and penned with the following handwritten "Thank You" letter attached within his test:

Dear Miss L,

Thank you for training me this week. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into making me a better sub. Your creativity and originality is a pleasure, and I am glad I have been given a chance to experience that with you.

Your submissive in training,
writer sub

Continually exceeding my expectations he passed with flying colors with this score...

Total Score :        95 /100        Pass      

Ooh, next week with my favorite friends Rules, Rituals, and Protocols should be delightfully strict.