A little manners go a long way

This was his second week of testing. Writer sub had impressed me the previous week with his perfect score but somehow I knew this week, taking a test based solely on facts about me he might not do perfectly.  But I’m a complicated woman and I knew watching him take the test over his shoulder would increase an already pressure inducing situation. I can be evil sometimes.

I knew what his score was before he finished but refused to let on one way or another. Not telling him things I know he wants to know exerts my power. And after having him read an erotic story that contained some boy-on-boy action I told him to stand up, hands behind his back. I then blindfolded him, removed the panties (see Thursday) he wore and began to wrap his hands and arms together with bondage tape. I’ve found that blindfolds work wonders in certain D/s scenes. For me I get to avoid the pleading look that sometimes comes with spankings and for the submissive they get to focus on what I’m saying and what I’m doing. My breasts can be distracting and being the thoughtful Mistress I am, I take that into consideration haha.

I ran my hand over his chest and buttocks inspecting him as I walked around him in a circle and tweaked his nipples a little until they stood erect. Then I placed a clothespin on each of them and gave a light squeeze.

He sucked in his breath and then let out a beautiful moan. Yes, that’s the sound I was waiting for.

I directed him to lie down on the ottoman near his feet. This placed him in quite the position: clothes-pinned nipples rubbing against the edge of the ottoman, hands tied, ass up.


I used my dominant hand to spank his bare bottom. I grabbed Bianca from the shelf and gave him 20 or so smacks to both cheeks. They were beginning to pink but not enough. I scratched his back and bit his bottom , really sinking my teeth into his succulent flesh. He moaned again, arching his back.

I started to tease his ass hole as I know he’s an anal slut. At first I would spank his bottom and then run my hand over it, ever so carefully nearing his puckered pinkness. A few minutes of this and his member was already standing at attention in the hand I had wrapped around it. I inched closer to his asshole now rubbing my hand just on the outer rim. His moans now sounded more desperate.

The vibrating egg I had next me was what I reached for as I rubbed it around his hole. He wriggled now, trying to back into it but I kept pulling it away just as he would get near. I looked around at his face and saw him biting his lip and smacked his exposed cheek just to see it jiggle. His ass was a pleasing rouge color now. Taking both hands I pried open his cheeks more, to expose him to me and then I spit directly into his anus, thrusting the egg vibrator in immediately after.

This delighted him as he started to fuck the egg as best he could with his hands tied and on his knees. I pushed it in a little deeper and watched him accommodate it with ease. I would occasionally increase the intensity of the vibrations with the attached remote control just to hear his groaning fluctuate.  We went on like this for awhile, spanking, thrusting, wriggling, stroking, biting before I realized he could be getting close to coming and there would be none of that today.

“Kneel,” I commanded.

He lifted up from the position he was in and I took the spot his head had laid. I sat in front of him now with my legs spread, wrapped around his thighs and guided him closer towards me. I was eye level with his still pinned nipples and decided to use that as an advantage (then again, when doesn’t the Mistress have an advantage?).

I gripped the ends of the clothespins on his nipples with my teeth and applied pressure causing them to tighten even more. He squealed a little. I removed them and begin sucking on his obviously sore nipples, he seemed to enjoy this more, so I put them back on and flicked him a little with my hand.  Standing up I walked around him again, sucking on his neck, scratching his belly and back, causing him to verbally expel his desire in animalistic sounds.

“The words you’re looking for are ‘Thank you’”, I reminded him.

“Thank you Miss L,” he obediently replied in between pleasing sighs.