"Rules, Rituals, & Protocol" test results (Week 6)

I am a firm but loving Mistress and I like things the way I like things.

Which is why this week's training was one of my favorite topics to cover. I must admit that writer sub and I have interacted in a rather relaxed form of D/s thus far. He is free to speak and express ideas openly. He may ask for permission to do something but once granted admission he may stand, walk, and get whatever it is he's requested with no limitations. While I want to maintain his ability to flourish as his own submissive, I need him to be structured enough to be my submissive. Without certain rituals, rules, and protocols we are merely scratching the surface of all we could be.

So this week I have implicated and taught him the following:

-An "Entrance Ritual" that is to be performed anytime time he sees me for the first time of the day.

-An "Exit Ritual" that is used whenever he is leaving my presence for the day.

-Certain speech restrictions---he may no longer use the following words: No, Why, Me, I, My, or Mine but is to simply refer to himself as "your submissive".

Also in place are other general rules and I have enlightened him on the three levels of D/s protocol: Low, High, and Social.

I tested him in the following areas and I still enjoy the "Exit Ritual" the most...

Step 1: Upon completing daily duties, recite your closing to your Mistress: "I have completed my duties today Mistress and request to leave if there is nothing further you require?"

Step 2: Kiss your Mistress's feet or shoes

Step 3: If Mistress dismisses you, retrieve clothing and put it on, then kneel

Step 4: Await Mistress to remove your collar, once collar is removed you are free to leave

...as there's just something about having a submissive on hands and knees kissing my feet.

All of our hard work is paying off as writer sub kept his streak of success going.

Total Score :        90 /100        Pass     

Next week we will focus on "Communication" and afterward there is only one special week of training left. It's all quite exciting!