My electric mist

Uninspired and a tad fed up, that's how I've been feeling lately.

Some readers have inquired to what happened to some of the subs I've mentioned last year.

sweet sub all but disappeared from the map. He had some personal issues he was attending to and I haven't really heard anything from him since.

Mr. Speedos was just a fad apparently, gone almost as fast as he arrived.

quiet sub and I haven't really been chatting as he travels often. We haven't even discussed the idea of picking up play in the future.

The Congressman hasn't tried to contact me since our last encounter. Perhaps he was frightened off.

nurse sub (bless his heart) often contacts me to meet. Our schedules and life happenings haven't been kind so we haven't seen each other in a few months.

Of the fourteen potentials I was communicating with none...yes ZERO of them worked out.

Try as I might, I am discouraged. I feel like the kid who is left out of the shenanigans because I am not "big enough" yet. I love BDSM. When I try to fight the feeling, it rears up inside of me and can't be contained. I don't want a life (right now at least) that doesn't involve BDSM in some form but my success (or lack thereof) seems too prevalent for me.

I've heard from other Dommes that:

I'm too picky
I need to look at the "bigger picture"
I should realize just because I'm young doesn't guarnetee me a young sub
I need to get over myself

and other sage "advice" I'd dare not repeat just due to the audacitiy of it.

I don't know what the problem is (subs, the location, or even myself) but I hope that I'm able to work thru it.

It's a struggle sometimes and even though some Dommes make it look easy, we have to squeeze a lot of frogs before we find that prince who says "Thank you, Mistress harder."