Dude looks like a lady

Congressman: I missed you.

Miss L: You only think you did.

CM: No, really I did.

ML: Prove it.

CM: Ha, you love having me at your mercy don't you?

ML: I have to admit it does get me a bit hot. Even just thinking about it gets me tingly.

CM: Oh...is that because you know to the outside world I would be a far cry from being considered submissive?

ML: Yes. And  I know behind closed doors I can dress you up like the shameless sissy you are and make you beg for me.

CM: *Blush* Yes Miss L. I would beg for anything from you.

ML: Good. Prove it. Beg to dress up in your pretty dress for me. Get on voice chat, I want to hear you whimper for it.

CM: Yes Miss L

He proceeded to get on voice chat and beg to wear the dress I liked to see his legs in. He was breathy, and spoke carefully. When I commanded a whimper he did so without hesitation. Hearing him moan and whimper made me want to dominate him even more.

ML: You're such a good boy for me sometimes.

CM: Haha I try to be Miss L. I want to be your good boy and yours only. Would you like for me to put on the dress now?

ML: Yes, turn on your cam and strip for me, then I want you to open the curtains in the room and put on the dress.

CM: The curtains? My neighbors can see in from this side of the building.

ML: ...Your point being?

CM: Yes Miss L, I will do as I am told.

With his webcam on he did exactly as I instructed. He took the slowest steps possible to the window and opened the curtains a bit.

ML: Congress boy, I want to see those curtains open wider. Just the way you were spread for me last time we were together.

He came back to the camera with a bit more red on his cheeks and a small smirk on his lips but opened them wider. I watched as he left the room and returned with his dress. He put on the stockings, his dress, a very nice wig and then he pranced over to the camera. It was quite sexy to watch the transformation.

CM: How does this look? Does Miss L approve?

ML: Turn around

He spun around causing his dress ruffles to bounce a bit.

ML: You look delightful! Now I want to see my good by act naughty.

He covered his mouth with his hand (like a proper lady), laughed and then curtseyed.

CM: Whatever you wish my Mistress