More than puppy love

I've written and re-written this entry about my meeting with my English puppy but nothing has felt right. Nothing has been able to convey the sheer level of connection that we experienced in his short time here.

I can only describe it as serendipity.

We met online by chance. We live nearly 4,000 miles apart but we clicked in an instant and our first face to face meeting was just as surprising. It feels like the Universe has brought us together for great things.

We fell into each others arms at the airport like old lovers and never left them for a week. He was always at my side or at my feet. Everything we did, everything we said, everywhere we went, just felt...right. All the anxiety was quickly washed away and forgotten as we slipped in and out of full kink mode and our vanilla selves with such ease. I think this is the one person I could easily pull a 24/7 kink relationship off with.

Photo courtesy of he is so much more than my puppy.

He is my boy.
He is my pet.
He is my lover.
He is my everything.

These words aren't from behind rose colored glasses I speak. I truly believe this is the real deal. A once in a lifetime kind of love. The kind of love that only poets and Hollywood can bring to life.

He made me feel wanted and cared for and above all else he made me feel womanly. More of a FemDom than I have felt in my life. When I do professional sessions there's a level I need to maintain where I don't let their fantasy become mine. I need to stay focused and in control of making sure they have an enjoyable experience. When I'm with a play partner at the club I know I can't push them to their limits and I certainly don't know how they'll react to all our play or even if we'll sync up. There was none of that with my puppy.

We were in sync from day one. The face slapping, hair pulling, pussy worship, toilet bowl drinking, chastity, heavy spanking and spitting were not only accepted but begged for and as his Mistress and girl I was happy to provide it all.

I'm thinking about changing my safe word to "Time" because it's the only thing I hate more than "Alabama" right now.

I know that our next meeting will be just as electrical and this is one adventure I don't need an itinerary for. I just want to enjoy the ride with my puppy hanging his tongue out the window. And in case anyone was wondering, I did tell the poor chap my name when we met. I couldn't contain the real me, not even for a second and I think from his happy barks the feeling was mutual.