Blue light special

I was just about to call it quits on our #Girlsnight when a soft blue light shone before us down the bustling alleyway. I held his hand softly as we approached the window.

His perfect green eyes danced with glee.

"This is the one Josy," I whispered as I put my hand on the doorknob to push open. He just nodded obediently, silent with anticipation. I knew to get him into the sissy mindset before any play it was best to refer to him as his sissy name.

He had been making so many big decisions on his own and processing so much during our forced time apart. I knew it had been wearing on him. He had managed to meet me in Amsterdam, I figured not only was it our anniversary, I also knew this was a huge fantasy of his and I wanted him to remember who was in control. I wanted him to switch off and just do as told. A mindless toy.

'I don't do fantasies, I make plans' I could hear myself telling him two years ago to the day. I really believed that. Anything I thought was hot, I sought out to do, not fantasize about. And that always made it that much sweeter for me.

So when I walked into the tiny, dingy, dim lit glassed room with my pantied, sissy fiance whom I'd not seen for months, on our two year anniversary, with an eye-catching and slightly dominant TV I couldn't resist.

"How much for him to suck you?" I asked the prostitute as if I'd done this a hundred times.

She looked him up and down slowly. It seemed she liked what she saw.

"It'll be $100 for him."

She turned her heavily made up eyes to me and lingered. Her breasts heaved beneath her black, tight corset top.

"Extra 50 if you wanna join."

I instructed my girl to go get cash. He asked how much he should get and I replied, "You know how much," and off he went into the noisy streets of Amsterdam. It didn't truly hit me that we were about to partake in the world's oldest profession until further reflection. It was history. It was novel. And it was going to be fucking hot.

In the six minutes he was gone to retrieve currency Melinda and I talked about politics, the locals, our desires and our dynamic. Like most she was fascinated by the Femdom concept and asked a few questions.

And he just does what you say?
He likes pain? Humiliation?
Do you fuck him?

All good questions that I answered politely and when my toy came back, wide eyed, and then he was ordered to strip by Melinda. He did as told and then I stepped in admiring my view. I placed my hand out waiting as I slid the belt from his waist and through the loops with ease and held it tightly.

"Get down on your knees and start sucking slut," I ordered as I shoved his head in her general groin area.

The professional reached for a condom and waited by rock hard. It was an cock that demanded attention. My good sissy did as told and gobbled up the stranger in her little mouth like it was her favorite cock. She moaned deeply thrusting her tight little ass in the air.

I slapped the target with her own belt and degraded her verbally.

"Look at my slut moaning for cock," I said.

Her eyes looked up at me, any hint of innocence leaving them in a blink and then they bulged with reflex.

"Suck deeper. Open your mouth wider!" Melinda shouted.

I watched Josy struggle to accommodate more meat so I grabbed her by the hair and aided aggressively.

"Don't disappoint Mistress," I leaned in and whispered, a handful of her locks still intertwined in my fingers.

"Suck this cock like you want it. Show me you need it," I said feeling my own panties starting to moisten.

Josy, like the good girl she was, bowed lower and took more of the large throbbing member in her mouth. I reached for the woman's balls and held them in my hand and used it to stroke upward to give Josy more.

She gagged as her head was held in place. Melinda threw her badly wigged head back and laughed a throaty laugh. Then I reached back and started spanking Josy's ass until it was my favorite shade of red. I could feel my slut's tiny cock bounce against the leather bed. It was at more than full attention. I slapped it down and then again when it bounced back in an instant. She didn't flinch like she normally did, her mouth was full, her clitty was hard and she was deep in sub space. It was written all over her glazed eyes.

"You're not going to be using this," I teased as I ordered her to sit up.

I looked her in the eyes as I reached down to remove my soaking panties.

"Now Mistress is going to use this cock."

Josy stared at me with a gaped mouth and doe eyes and simply said, 'Yes, Mistress.'

This delighted the cross dresser who offered me a place on the bed. I stuffed my panties in my future sissy husband's mouth and placed my head under his pathetic penis. She wasted no time spreading me open and getting to work.

Her finger work wasn't refined but it got the job done causing me to twitch and get wetter. She sniffed the air and looked at Josy....

"I'm going to fuck your girlfriend," she said bluntly.

"I'm going to fuck her good. Are you ready?"

She asked this without really waiting for either of us and as she pressed her fat, thick headed, cock against my hole. It was all I could do to not explode. I was wet and she was putting my ankles above my head. Josy was directed to hold each one in place and was holding on with determination.

I imagine she was steadying herself in the surreal scene that was taking place before her.

This gave our lady of the evening a great view, two free hands, and placed me in a completely vaginally exposed position. I had three hands on my breasts and cock in mouth, and one in my pussy. This encounter was feeding my inner whore on so many levels it didn't take much for me to start squealing and struggling to hold my own personal ecstasy back.

"You see that? She like me FUCKING her," I heard her broken English with my eyes closed and a hard pounding to my pussy followed.

I began jeering Josy telling her what a naughty girl she was. 

"You're so disgusting Josy, you slut. You won't be fucking me like this."

Melinda spit on my sissy's chest at random intervals while fucking me hard and deep just keeping me on the edge. I could feel tiny sissy clit still flexing in my mouth so I changed back to the original position with Josy on her knees. She spit out the panties and resumed greedily sucking.

This time I ordered her, "No coming. No coming!' 

"No coming for you stupid," the sex worker chimed in as her hands slid behind Josy's cock and balls for a fondle.

I watched my sissy show me just how turned she was and how dirty she'd be for me. I could tell she was enjoying herself and wanting to pleasure me by just offering herself for use. The consensual desperation that was begging behind her eyes was dazzling and I spanked her harder until my hand stung. Melinda copied me on the other cheek.

I had a feeling that the prostitutes in Amsterdam weren't use to having an interracial, Femdom, sissy based intercontinental couple walk through their doors as I watched genuine excitement  and arousal on the professional's face. I let the two of them continue on their own for a few minutes while I got redressed.

"Have you had enough cock?" I pulled Josy's face from the still hard bobbing knob. She nodded slowly. I could tell she wasn't sure if she had either but I pulled her off anyway.

"You've had enough, now say thank you," I ordered.

Josy complied just as I added, "And kiss the cock." She did this graciously as well.

We washed our hands and my Josy girl put back on his panties, then the rest of his garments. We were glowing with an aura of sexual conquest.

Just as we were about to leave Melinda looked in a mirror and re-applied her make-up getting ready for her next customer.

"Very nice pussy. Almost make me come," she said to no one in particular very matter of factly.

"Yes, it is a nice pussy," Josy shyly agreed as we smiled and left.

I don't think I'll ever look at a blue neon light the same.