Yes, Master

I kneel for no one. 
But tonight I did... I knelt for him; my slave. 

As part of an ongoing journal keeping exercise I assign tasks to my slave on a weekly basis. This week's task was a hard one: he was to be my Master for one day and I was to be his slave. I've never done this before with any slave of mine before but I felt this was imperative to our trust building among other things. So tonight we embarked on that task together. 

I spent the days leading up to this task mentally preparing myself for what may come as he jokingly said he felt sorry for my ass, each time he said this he'd tap my butt lightly and laugh. For those of you who don't know, before I was a Mistress I trained as a 24/7 live-in slave with one of the most sadistic, foul-minded, erratic, borderline psycho bitches I've ever known; the wonderful Mistress Hellfire. I was under her thumb for 7 grueling months. I personally wanted to know both sides of BDSM before I went full force into the realm. Those were the worst 7 months of my life... 

But that is exactly what led me to believe I could take anything my slave could dish out, because I knew I had already and then some. I set out to be the perfect (or at least near perfect) slave for the evening. I dolled up and wore my old slave jewelry and put on pasties. After psyching myself up for the final hour before my slave (now Master) arrived I went into my bedroom, got into the worship position as far as I could, my nose touching the ground. I placed my collar and leash in front of me and awaited his arrival. What the fuck was I thinking? Could I really do this? I asked myself. But, it was too late as I heard the door click shut and I saw his shadow enter. 

I could tell he was already impressed with my stance. He immediately gave me 20 minutes of free time. I think he was still psyching himself up for this too. After light chit-chat we were off, in our opposing roles. He made me lay face down and began to tease my pussy. He asked why I was always so wet. "Because I'm always thinking of you Master" was my answer. He seemed pleased with this. After awhile he began performing one of his best feats, cunnilingus. I squirmed and squealed with delight but did not come, he had not given me permission to come. Then he flipped me over. He began spanking me. Lightly at first, but then harder. As he spanked I thanked him. He alternated between spanking and whipping me then placing extra wet kisses on my cheeks, my ass was alternating between hot stinging and cool wetness. After 30 minutes or so he went to take a smoke (something he is not allowed to do as my slave). He gave me permission to roam my house freely. 

I went to see the bf in the other room and showed him my ass. 

"Is it red?" I asked quizzically, winching as I lifted my robe for him to see. 

"Well, you know that ass rouge you've been looking at, you don't have to purchase it." I gave him a squinted look of anger. 

"But yes, it's red" he answered. 

Ahh, leave it to the bf to have a cheesy joke handy.

When Master returned he advised me that we would be going out to get food. I was to get dressed, quickly he had said. When I reached for my bra he slapped it out of my hand and said "Just wear a t-shirt". He said I could speak freely while we ate and I did. I joked with him that I would be getting revenge for everything he did today so he should live up this once in a lifetime opportunity.

After eating and once at home, he became more hands-on. He instructed me that I was now never to close my legs, his pussy was always to be visible. Then he fucked me hard and fast with my favorite dildo. When I was nearing orgasm he stopped suddenly and licked my inner thighs before slapping them bare handed. He rubbed my pussy hard and then made me suck the juices from his fingers before he rammed his cock into me, he kept spreading me open wide. I was on all fours and he kept pulling me back onto his dick. 

All I could do was moan in pleasure. He then ordered me to sit on his face as he flicked my clit with his tongue. It was queening at its finest. He then took the dildo that had been inside me and made me suck it. He kept going deeper than I wanted (I was on my back and this was a hard position to deep throat a plastic dildo) and eventually he made me hold the dildo in my mouth by wedging it where he wanted it. Just when I thought I couldn't hold it any longer he'd take it out and fuck me with it or let me suck it more before wedging it back in. He was tweaking and sucking on my nipples but the last time he placed in my mouth my jaws were getting tired and when he moved to play with my pussy and thighs the dildo began to tip sideways. 

I didn't want to grab it or else he'd notice but as soon as the dildo touched my chest he looked up. 

"What's this slave?" he asked removing the dildo from my mouth. 

"I am sorry Master," I said sheepishly. 

"Why did you drop it?" he asked sternly. 

"It was too heavy Master" I replied. 

"Turn over," was his only response. I did as I was told and he began spanking me again. 

This time much harder than before. The sounds echoed throughout the room. I slowly slipped into a place in my mind I thought I had forgotten existed. A place where I was able to tune out the pain and only feel numbness. With each heavy-handed slap I knew I was never going to be a sub or a slave. I knew that I had picked the right side. 

My pussy juice dried up...I didn't feel like fucking, I felt like fighting! He asked me if I liked what he was doing. I lied. I said I liked everything my Master did to me. In honesty I wanted to slap him (and not in the good kinky way). I'm not sure if it was my general demeanor or his good slave intuition but after 10 minutes of this he said he wanted to call this task complete. He said he couldn't do anymore. This didn't come a moment too soon as I had my fist clenched up, ready to swing. After I confirmed we were done with the task I flipped him over and gave him a few hard spanks and slaps and I ran off to have a cigarette....and I don't even smoke!

I could see the fear in his eyes as he followed me outside where I was puffing for all the cigarette was worth. He looked worried as I paced the backyard half-naked and barefoot.

"I'm fine slave" I reassured him.

As much as I felt very flight or fight during the 4 hour exercise, I am glad to have done it. It just cemented that going from Mundane to Mistress was one of the best choices of my life.