Clothespins, spitting, and spanking...oh my!

For those of you who don't know my slave and I are embarking on a task this's a 24/7 Live-In environment trial. So far we are doing well and I like it very much. But usually before bed he has to complete a Nightly Ritual with me. It is pretty standard but whenever we get to the portion of him kissing my entire body and feet...that's where things heat up. It's usually pitch black (my bedroom has no windows) and as soon as he starts placing those tiny kisses that I have come to love so much everywhere I get a tingling all over. I can't describe it but each night this has led us to engage in about a 30 minute completely BDSM fueled session...all in the dark. 

Each night I have become increasingly more sadistic in my actions. I am actually doing the things I want to do with my slave and it feels amazing! I think the fact that the lights are off help (as I've stated I have trouble currently looking him in the eyes while I slap him in the face) but I am certain that I will be able to get past that with work.  

Last night he started placing the kisses and then began licking my ass cheeks, I love having my ass played with and this really got me going. I asked him if he wanted me and he said yes. I informed him that he could only have me if I could restrain him. It was there the fun started. I handcuffed him and bit all along his body. I do have an oral fixation and biting him is one of my favorite things, not only because it involves biting but also for the moans that he exerts when I do it. It's delicious! So I bit all over his body, his chest, his nipples, his thighs, his feet, his legs. 

Then I began lightly scratching him with my newly grown long nails. He really let out a moan when I did this. I kept grabbing his cock and giving it a few pumps and his free hand would follow after mine.  

"If you touch my cock again without asking I am going to give you a punishment point" I told him. "You no longer own this cock, do you understand?" I asked sternly.
"Yes, Mistress" was his faithful reply.
I leaned over him and placed a clothespin on each nipple. He thanked me. As I licked over his body I felt his hand travel down to MY cock again. 

I slapped him hard in the face. "What did I say slave?" I demanded.  

Before he could answer I ordered him to turn over. I spanked him hard while twisting the clothespins on his nipples (I also had removed one and placed it on his balls) and explained to him that this was MY cock, I decided when it was touched and in what manner. After spanking him until my hand stung I flipped him back over and sat on him. I inserted his now rock-hard cock inside of me. I was dripping wet. I rode him a little and made him say the things I love the most...all the while squeezing the clothespins harder.
"You own me Mistress, this is your body. You can do whatever you want to it. I am yours" he said breathlessly.  

"Yes slave, you are mine." I said after spitting in his mouth. 

I took the clothespins off and clipped them to his ears and bit his neck as I slowed my riding pace down. He moaned with ecstasy.  

"Do you like what your Mistress is doing to you slave?" I asked, already knowing the answer.  

"Yes Mistress" he managed to whisper out in between moans.  

I removed the clothespin and instructed him to open his mouth, which he did readily. I clipped it fast and hard onto his wet, slick tongue. This made him moan louder. His pain/excitement really was making me more wet. I dug my nails into his chest and worked my hips more. He was getting close to cumming I could tell as I felt his head swell inside of me. He tried to speak but the clothespin in his mouth made this difficult but I understood that he wanted me to get off of his cock before he came inside of me (a forbidden act). I laughed as he thrust his hips up to make me bounce off of him. I like knowing that when he's inside of me he can't control himself. This earned him another spanking similar to the one administered earlier.  

"You can't make your Mistress can't even last long for me" I berated him.  

"I'm sorry Mistress" was all he could muster.  

"Yes, I know, but now you will fuck me with the dildo. Go put on your collar and lease and do not make me cum with the dildo" I instructed him.
"Do you not want to cum Mistress" he asked.
I slapped him the face. "What did I say?" I quizzed him.
"Do not make my Mistress cum" he repeated.  

"Good boy, now get the dildo and don't ask questions" I ordered.  

He did as he was told and he began to fuck me slowly but deeply. I told him that I would not tell him when I was close. Part of being a good slave was to be able to read your Mistress's body like a book and that he was to only go by my actions as to whether I was close to orgasm. I told him if he made me cum I would punish him and give him punishment points. He said he understood and fucked me fast and hard, just the way I like. I was moaning and bucking my hips wildly trying to get more of the cock just as I was on the brink of orgasm he pulled out the dildo, now wet, from my pussy. 

  "You are doing a good job slave" I said as I pulled him close by his leash and gave him a kiss.
"Thank you Mistress" he replied.  

He did this several times before I told him to stop all together and get to bed. I didn't want my slave tired at work (at this time he only had 5 hours before he needed to get up for an 8 hour shift). I imagine my tugging on the leash also helped him know when I was close. But I am happy that he did as he was told. For once, I was happy not to orgasm.  

Maybe tonight I will make up for lost time...