My new best friend Astroglide

Last weekend proved to be interesting to say the least. I've come to the conclusion that the new bf and I cannot lay in bed together without some fondling, some teasing, some biting, and just general hanky panky taking place. If I didn't know any better I'd forget that we see each other nearly everyday. Sunday started out innocently enough. 

The light caressing, the tiny kisses along the outline of my body, light tongue flickers. He's getting better at getting me wound up. As he nears my ass (have I mentioned how much I enjoy having my ass played with?) I start arching up. I know that he loves this view, as he is not shy of telling me. He spreads my pussy open from behind; a sure way to make me insta-wet and he begins to kiss again along the outline of my ass. He's driving me crazy now and he knows it. 

This is the perfect opportunity for him: "Can I fuck you in the ass tonight?" he whispers in my ear from behind as he grinds his hard, clothed cock up against me. 

Before I know what I've said the word "Yes" has escaped my mouth. 

Being a woman of my word, there is no going back now (unless it's my back door). I am slightly anti-lube, as I believe it takes away from the feeling of anal. So, now that I am thoroughly wet and panting like a bitch in heat he gets on top of me and spreads my legs open. He positions his cock at the entrance of my pussy and slips in with such ease that I gasp in for air, shocked by the feeling of being stuffed with hard cock. We do this for a bit before I go start to down on him. I love sucking cock, I've been told it's somewhat my specialty, so I proceed to thoroughly run my pierced tongue around the head of his cock. He moans in ecstasy and I start to suck harder and faster now, being careful to pull his balls a little each time I come up. He squirms under me and I start to kiss my way back up to his nipples. These are my new favorite biting spots. I lick around the left one and kiss it slowly before quickly biting it hard, he squeals. I feel like a snake who has stalked and struck their prey before they know what's happened. It's a good feeling that courses thru me as I hover over him. I lick his lips. 

"Can you please spit in my mouth?" he asks. 

"No" I state. "Please, please" he begs again. 

"Ask me in Arabic," I reply. 

It turns me own immensely to hear him speak his native language. Especially in bed. Sometimes when I get really into sex I start speaking in one of the 6 languages I know, I'm a bit of a linguist you could say, so hearing him speak something other than English is very hot. He utters a phrase in Arabic. I hop on top of his cock now and situate myself on him so that he is balls deep inside me. 

"Again" I say as I ride him slowly using my hand on his chest for leverage. 

This time his response is more breathy and the words seem to tumble out of his mouth over and over. 

"Open your mouth" I say in my most sultry voice. 

He opens his mouth for me and I lean down to kiss his lips before spitting in his mouth. He moans and I can feel his cock swelling inside of me. I slip off of him after whispering "I'm ready" into his ear. I lay down on my side and I feel him enter me slowly. We talked about anal a few nights prior and I told him explicitly that he would have to listen to me completely. I hate when guys get showy cause they're fucking you in the ass and think they can go wild with it, not slowing down or easing up when you request so. He has agreed that he will listen to me while we do this. 

His head slowly starts to penetrate me. It's a little rough at first so I grab the ever faithful Astroglide and apply just a few drops to his cock. He slides in as if his cock were meant for my ass. We start off slowly but quickly pick up the pace. I know that my moaning at 3am is loud and that my roommate will possibly hear me but honestly I don't give a fuck at this point. I am being fucked in the ass proper and can't think of much else. Somehow I end up on top of him with his dick still in my ass and this is my absolute favorite! I love being skewered on a cock like this. He starts bouncing me up and down on his cock and I tell him that he can finally fill my ass since he has been good and kept stopping (to prolong the sex) as he got close to orgasm. He tries to fill me but cannot, and honestly I don't give him much time. 

I begin laughing and say "Oh well". 

He says he just needs longer and I tell him that it doesn't matter now, he has had his chance and blown it (but not literally). We continue on this way as I banter him about what would have happened... 

"All that cum you have inside of you, just waiting to explode inside me. I love having my ass filled with cum," I quip. 

"Please don't tease me," he says aloud. 

I laugh. "Oh I bet you have so much cum that I wouldn't have been able to hold it all. It would've ran out of my tight ass and down my thighs," I say, this time I say this as I grind harder on his cock still in my ass. He starts to request if he may fill my ass now. But I decline. 

I say very sternly, "Do not cum in my ass!"  

He begs more. 

As much as I love his begging I command him not to cum. This time I tell him that maybe next time when I say fill me that he will do so without hesitating and I continue with more teasing.  

"Please that's not fair," he says somewhat pouting. 

He's right. It's not fair. So I get off his cock (since he's not going to be cumming now). I tell him that I want to cum and he gets the dildo that I love so much I have named it. But I stop him. We already have the lube out and I want to try something.  

"Will you try to fist me?" I ask him.  

"Yes baby," is all he says.

I tell him we should start off slow as he slips one finger inside me. By the third I stop him and tell him it's getting too tight and decide to lube up his hand. When he reaches back inside me this time his whole hand nearly slides in. He wiggles his fingers inside me and this makes me growl out my pleasure. He stops for a minute for more lube and I look down at the sheets. It's soaking wet. 

"Is that you?" I ask skeptically. 

"No, honey, I didn't cum remember...that's all you," he replies back with a slight smile before he starts to laugh.  

It's times like this I enjoy having a sexual relationship with him. He can be sweet, dirty, rough, but more importantly he can keep his sense of humor when needed. Needless to say I was tired after the sex session but I am glad that he was my first fisting experience. 

This is definitely something that I will be trying again because who doesn't love an "extra helping hand"!