Want to play a game?

That's what the new bf whispered to me tonight while we were lying in bed tonight. We had just winded down an intense ten minutes of biting and scratching and dry humping and he sounded almost out of breath with his question. 

"What kind of game," I asked him playfully. 

"A game where you're a Mistress and I'm a slave" he responded. 

This was said with no hesitation at all on his part. I thought before answering: Are we ready for this? Honestly even though the month has only begun he has been having a streak of bad luck; two broken cars, work stress, family issues, broken laptop...and today a bad haircut was added to the list. As he quizzed me on where his collar and leash were I realized he not only really wanted this, he needed it. The more we talked about it the more I realized this might help him de-stress a bit. And I can't lie and say I wasn't eager to resume my rightful role as his Mistress. 

"You're only my slave while the collar is on and you know the safety word. When the collar is off we'll be done," I reminded him as I fished out his collar and leash from my sex toy box. 

He nodded eagerly with his hands already clasped behind his back. I immediately ordered him to strip. He did this in a flash. Then I put the collar and leash on him. It fit like an old glove and I made him model it for me before he got on his knees. Oh, the sight of him back on his knees again was almost too much but I played it cool. 

"Bend over and put your hands on the couch!" I ordered. He did as he was told.

"Last night your Mistress was horny. So horny and you were not here to please her," I said this as I begin to spank his ass. 

He moaned and squealed. "Thank you Mistress," were the only words he needed to say. 

I tugged on his leash between his legs as I alternated between spanking him and biting his thighs. 

Okay, okay, I am officially ready to admit I have an oral fixation. I made him finger me and God was I wet. I made him put his face between my thighs and then I closed them tightly around his head. I could feel him wiggling his tongue and rubbing his lips against my pussy under my panties. 

"May I touch my Mistress?" he asked when I finally let him up for air. I shook my head and said, "No, ask me again later." 

Between the fingering and the teasing of his face I was getting too worked up so I made him get back on his knees then I pulled his leash taunt. He was now close to my face when I commanded him to open his mouth. I spit in his mouth and just as he was swallowing I slapped him in the face. 

"Thank you Mistress," were again his words. 

My head was reeling. I love seeing submission in action more than anything and hearing him thank me for something others might want to punch me for turned me on. The techno music in the background was almost in time when I continued with my spankings as I heard the lyrics: "I don't mean to when I hurt you. But I need you, I can show you." What was this song that was randomly playing? 

I placed clothespins on his nipples, then on his balls, tied him up with his own leash, I spanked him some more, I even found myself caressing him at some point (something I rarely did when we were only Mistress/slave). But, eventually my desires got the best of me and I made him get the dildo. This time I did cum with it. Then I told him afterward that I wanted to see him cum for me and he obeyed like a good boy. After what I would describe as our session, he asked me how he did and if I liked it. We talked about it some and that felt good because we never really did that before. He said what was I thinking which was, he would like us to have both BDSM and vanilla in our relationship, not just one or the other. 

I'm hoping we can find a fitting balance for us. I have to admit I've been feeling a bit selfish lately. He has family in town from overseas (they've been here since July) and they are scheduled to be living in about 10 days. We don't get to spend much time together on a daily basis just an hour or two here and there, and always late in the evening. I'm beginning to feel like the ugly step-child here who can only come out once all the normal folks go off to bed but I realize he's being a good host, son, and brother and once they leave I'll have him all to myself again. 

But really, patience is NOT a virtue of mine. Not to mention I found out last night an old fling of mine just tied the knot with some eHarmony Ho. So, I'm feeling a bit dejected but trying to think positively... 

So anyway the positive---the countdown has begun: T Minus-10 Days