"Submissive Positions" test results (Week 1)

The submissive in training will perform the following slave positions in less than 30 seconds. Any position not performed within that time-frame will count as a miss. Ten positions will be issued, only 3 can be missed, a score lower than 70% will result in a repeat of weekly training and testing unless otherwise decided by Mistress L. All positions are to be performed in the manner that Mistress L has taught:

1. Worship

2. Table

3. Inspection

4. Attention

5. Close

6. Kneel

7. Punishment (#2)

8. Go To Your Spot

9. Lay Down

10. Stop
Total Score :       120/100         Pass

Extra Credit: Exam (worth 20 points)

Congratulations writer sub, you have pleased this Mistress with your results, you will be rewarded upon our next visit!