What women want

...I actually don't know what all women want, I only know what this woman wants.

I have finally come to terms with what exactly I really want. Many of the things in my life have fallen into place except men. With me, men and relationships have always been an exhilarating roller coaster. I've been thru many hands-in-the-air ups and stomach-turning downs. But it wasn't until I found BDSM that I finally realized it wasn't selfish to want the things I wanted. It didn't make me a bitch to want to be catered to. And it most certainly didn't make me a freak if I wanted to do those with a paddle in hand.

What I seek seems simple enough but weeding thru the unworthies does get daunting. Even though I am dominant that does not mean I need to constantly be in control. I do not want a spineless, worm of a man. I want someone who will hold their head high and walk beside me with confidence. I want someone who will make me laugh while we're out but beg and plead in the bedroom. Someone who will cherish the collar he wears nearly as much as he himself is cherished by me. Even someone who gives a little resistance just to receive a little pain would be a fresh of breath air.

Wake up from your fantasies little subbie boys and smell the leather. Some of us ladies actually know what we want...and if you can stop fumbling over your balls for a minute and get it together you could be sitting pretty under our heels.