All dressed up with somewhere to go

For me I've never been typically attracted to the "manly" man. I tend to gravitate toward guys who I can fantasize about overpowering or having a fair chance at an arm wrestle match with.

So it should've come a lot sooner to my attention that feminization, forced or otherwise, would be a fun fetish to explore. I'd seen the videos of men dressed up as little girls, or sissies flaunting their panties and didn't pay it a second thought. Until one night walking home, I got cat-called...

"Damn girl! You have any fries with that shake?"

This was a popular hang out for the trannies and I never had paid them any attention, but when one yelled out to me I instinctively yelled back.

"You know it, but that's extra," I quipped with a  z-shaped air snap, turning to really get a look at the group.

They cackled under the bar sign where they stood in 4 inch heels and skin tight dresses.

It was love at first sight and since then I've had a visual love affair with Drag queens!

They're loud.
They're extreme.
They're bold.
They're fashion Picassos.

What's not to love?

Something about men dressing as women stirred something inside me and I began to use forced feminization on my submissives as a form of punishment.

Painted toes here...
Panties there...
Short skirts...

They pretended not to like it every time I spattered their face with make-up, spanked their asses, and made them walk the runway for me in their overly short skirts but I knew deep down they enjoyed it and secretly their little sissy-boy hearts swelled.

I've since given up on only forcing feminization for punishment and have started to find a real desire to see my submissives turned femme for certain occasions.

I keep teasing writer sub that his time is coming as he's not what I'd describe as a "manly" man and that's not meant as an insult. On the contrary it is quite arousing. He's got a perfectly round bottom, soft hands (he is a writer after all), small feet, lush lips, an adorably round face...

He's going to make quite the femme boy and I'm going to take him out for a "girls' night". It's all I can do in anticipation to see him all dolled up...literally.