In the meantime...Birthday wishes (Part 1)

Did I tell you the one about my birthday....?

Birthdays and spankings go together like lace and leather, so it should be no surprise that it was the main focus of my birthday wishes this year.

In true Mistress L fashion, I threw a birthday party with lots of friends and even more alcohol! But the day started off much unlike other birthdays.

"This is going to be bare bottomed," the sub said almost under his breath as if he too were in shock that I was offering my ass for spankings.

I had told him in the weeks leading up to my birthday that he could give me my birthday spankings (one for each year) and from the dancing light in his eyes I knew he had been looking forward to this. Me on the other hand, I had been slightly dreading it, perhaps dreading is too strong a word, but I was definitely cautious of it.

This sub considered himself a switch. Not only that, he was a switch with a focused interest on spanking specifically. I had a preview of his spanking style before and let's just say, wow! It's a small part of what made me enjoy dominating him even more, the knowledge that he had a dominate side hidden under all that submissive goodness. 

So when I arrived there was the bit of business about my spankings to be taken care of. He had an arsenal of his favorite toys laid out menacingly for me to see beforehand:

1 wooden spoon
1 acrylic cane
1 leather paddle
1 acrylic paddle with holes
1 ping pong paddle

and of course, his bare hands.

So when he said, "This is going to be bare bottomed," I dutifully removed my panties bending over the bed to raise my ass higher for my treasured birthday spankings.

He rubbed my bottom carefully in small circles, which felt nice but then started with a surprise smack to my right cheek.

"One," I said muffled into the bedsheets, gripping them tightly in my hands. Yes. I had foolishly agreed to counting out my own spankings!

He gave me about 10 more with his hands, a few with the spoon and then switched to that devil cane.

"Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen," I counted between clenched teeth.

It wasn't that he was being overly aggressive, it's just that I am not a pain slut, not to mention me and canes (of acrylic variety specifically) have a bad history. I'll have to tell you readers that story sometime---but I still have PTSD from it so it might be a while haha.

I let him know that it was too hard and he rubbed me gently before moving on to the remainder of his toys. I couldn't honestly tell you what was next as mentally I subdued myself to take the rest (yes, even I can slip into subspace when needed I suppose) and took my spankings like a good girl.

He stood there proud of his work and I pulled up my panties, shaking my head causing the pig-tails I'd worn that day to lightly brush my ears.

"Revenge is going to be so sweet," I teased.

And throughout the day that's all I could think about, giving him his revenge spankings, that is until quiet sub walked into my party...