Whimper once for yes, twice for more

It's only been a short time but Mr. Dickless and I have already had a few bumps in the road.

However, we're starting to stand on two good feet again. This week we dined out together and he invited me back to his place. Always a good sign in my book. It was there that we engaged in some extended tease and denial. It was the first time that we've done more than our usual virtual teasing. Tonight was a lot of firsts for us.

I knew that he was a bit nervous so I didn't want to rush too quickly into things. We started with a simple foot rub. He was very attentive to my needs all night and I believe his new mantra should be "Can I get you anything". Mr. Dickless doesn't have the outward appearance of a submissive let alone a cuckold. On the contrary in my opinion he's a rather tall, statuesque figure. He looks like he can definitely get tough when the time calls for it. So watching him pitter-patter around his own apartment wanting to wait on me hand and foot (rub) was endearing and flattering. Once we'd settled in a bit I decided to take a little charge.

"Let me see how you shaved" I said to him as I fingered his waistband.

He seemed obviously embarrassed. This coupled with the fact that I was now requiring him sit down when he pissed was playing a few tricks on his mind.

"I've never shaved off all my hair before...it feels strange." He nearly blushed when he said this.

"Well get use to it. I want you to be shaved all time. I want you to be..." I started.

"...your little bitch," he finished, taking the words from my mouth.

He pulled down his shorts and I inspected him with my hands being sure to ever-so-carefully get in a few strokes. His small penis stood at attention staring at me intently.

He moaned slightly. I stroked him for a few more minutes, drawing his excitement closer to the edge before slapping him on the balls to jolt him back to attention. And at one point in the evening he surprised me by requesting to try the chastity device I had brought along. For the most part we went on like this for a few hours. Me teasing him with my hand, him being shoved into my breasts to suckle on my nipples, and me telling him in detail all the things I wanted to do with other, more adequately equipped men.

"I want you so bad. Please Mistress, let me have you," he begged repeatedly.

"No." I answered coolly. I think he enjoys hearing me deny him almost as much as I enjoy doing so.

So far we have some established fantasies that we'd like to play out but we're still searching for the right guy for our first time partaking in actual cuckolding. We aren't the typical cuckold couple but we're finding our own fun as we go along.

In the meantime Mr. Dickless has been ordered not to come until mid-April. He will endure as much tease and denial as I can throw at him with my watchful eye. All to prove to me that he is devoted to our cause...his transformation into a complete cuck.