Say hello to my little friend

His name is Mr. Dickless and I'm making him my bitch.

It started out like most Craigslist ads---I was searching for something generally specific but it was that which I knew I would never really find.

Slews of replies came in before the ad was flagged for removal but his was the one that caught my kinkster attention.

Within his reply he asked very plainly, "Would cuckolding be something you would be interested in?" As if he were asking "Red or white?"

And with that our conversations began to take on a life of their own.

I wasn't looking for a cuckolding partner but I'm always on about experiencing new things and thought 'What the hell'  and decided to give it a go.

We started out a few weeks ago simple enough just explaining what cuckolding meant to each of us, our experiences with it, and how we wanted to proceed. We've currently flipped between us being a kinky couple and me being his cuckoldress. While we're at the moment dabbling in both worlds it is no doubt in my mind where this is leading...

He will be my bitch.

I've implemented what I believe is an amazing mix of Mistress to our adventures.

He cannot have sexual release without my permission or must pay monetarily to do so.

He cannot stroke the pathetic cock that no longer belongs to him.

He waits with bated breath to hear about my sex with the bf, all the while I tease him telling him he will never "measure" up.

He masturbates on command until I am thoroughly aroused and then I leave him alone, horny and unable to touch himself while I am taken care of elsewhere.

He is not to fuck anyone without my permission---but I know he's already too much of a pussy to even try.

He will assist in any way needed in finding me a "bull" to play with.

He is in the midst of choosing between a great pair of cocks for me to have. Both significantly larger than himself.

He has promised when I decide on said cock, he will gladly stroke it to attention and give it a nice cleaning when I am through---all for my viewing pleasure.

He begs to dry hump objects in his home to fulfill his pathetic need to touch himself.

He tells me just how badly he wants me only to have me laugh in his face and tell him simply, "No."

He will be my bitch...and I don't think there's a thing he can do about it.