Give em' the finger

Some guys like a finger in the ass...some don't.

I've learned over the years never and I mean NEVER makes an ass...well never mind that pun is too easy.

But seriously, sometimes girls want to put things (mostly a finger or three) in a guy's ass.

Is it just me or are men generally much more uptight (again no pun intended haha) about putting things in their asses? Currently neither of my beaus are into this, that's fair, to each their own. However their logic falls short for me. Did I mention they thoroughly enjoy giving me anal and have no problem being on the other end? That seems like a double standard. And beyond any of that...they won't even TRY it before they decide they don't like it.

NEWSFLASH: A finger in the ass does not make you gay. Okay guys? Or bi, or any other number of ridiculous ideas you've made up in your mind. If someone has told you this or you have gotten this impression from media, then just put it aside. Sexual pleasure is not a plausible marker for determining homosexuality---if so, we'd all be gay!

At worst it makes you experimental. At best it means you know what you like and aren't afraid to enjoy yourself in the bedroom.

I am a whole-hearted advocate for trying everything at least once, yes even this. The science behind it all makes it too hard to argue against. There are a cluster of nerve endings in your anus that make stimulation to this area feel extremely pleasurable (I know from continued experience). Orgasms can even be heightened with a little back door play if timed right. Best of all there's no special toys or lube needed. Just a little finger play and you could be "ooh" and "ahh"ing more than you imagined. Just remember to clean your hands before and after for safety and tell your partner to also be as sanitary as possible before play.

Heterosexual assplay should be a fun experience. That's it really. A finger in the ass shouldn't be a pain in the ass. Don't over think it, just enjoy yourself.

And lighten up men, give it a try. Leave your inhibitions at the bedroom door not your back door...your significant other just might thank you.