Wet behind the ears Pt. 2

His pupils dilated.

He never said how rough (or not rough) I could be. Instead all he had said was, "Use my body."

And I was doing just that.

I loosened my group from around his Adam's apple and pushed him to the ground with my pointed toes. He had removed my heels earlier in the mix, taking special care to kiss and rub them obediently.

I laid him down flat on his back, placing a pillow under his head. I gave him no warning as to what was coming as I placed my own aroused pussy on his face. I caught just a glimpse of his excited expression before I covered his mouth and face fully. I didn't have to direct or coach him in any way; I just ground on his willing and flexible tongue. I never lifted up to give him air. Instead I asked him from atop if he was okay and he would nod as much as he could between my curvaceous thighs.

I couldn't do this for long as it was putting me in an all too aroused head space. As much as I wanted pleasure I also wanted to be more hands on.

I lifted myself off and heard him catching his breath. It was good to know I had put him to work.

"May I have more Miss?" he asked pleading with his eyes.

"No, no more," I casually stated.

This is when I began kissing down his chest, leading to his long-held hard on. I told him to put his hands behind his head and he did so. His cock bounced in anticipation. I felt his tight balls; ready to explode. Lightly I took him into my mouth. He exhaled with a pleasing groan. I sucked on him for a minute, being sure each time I reached the head of his cock to flick it with my tongue. As he focused on my mouth I focused on the clothespin I had in hand.

Carefully yet quickly I placed one on the underside of his balls.

"This might pinch," I stopped and said just as I clipped it to him.

He hardly flinched.

I put another on behind it. He looked down almost surprised that the clothespin didn't hurt his delicate parts. I imagine that the adrenaline that surged thru him helped numb any pain.
I continued sucking on him bringing him closer and closer to the point of no return. He was getting ramped up, his breathing quickening with every lick.


I pulled the clothespin off without any warning. He jumped immediately but did not let a negative sound escape his throat.

"That wasn't too bad was it?" I asked looking up mischievously from between his legs.

"No Miss. It was fine," he replied.

I let his breathing return a bit to normal as I raked my nails up and down his body.

"Are you ready?" I asked pinning his body down with my own.

"For what Miss?" he asked but before he could finish he found out.

I placed my finger just around the edge of his ass and proceeded to lightly make my way in.

"Yes," was all he whispered.

I took his manhood in my mouth once more. The more I sucked the deeper I probed with my fingers. This was the deepest he had ever let me go inside him and he seemed to be enjoying it. I kept thrusting my fingers in and out of him listening to him make sounds I had never heard before.

I could literally feel his cock throbbing inside my mouth and under my fingers as I gripped it tightly. I bit down on his head my teeth sinking in slightly.

"Do not come in my mouth. Do you understand?" I asked assertively.

"Yes Miss no," he replied quickly.

"Yes you will come?" I asked knowing that's not what he had meant.

I stroked harder and faster as he struggled to compose his words carefully. He closed his eyes as he spoke, as if to block out the image of me with one hand wrapped around his cock and the other inside his ass.

"I meant I understood Miss. I will not come in your mouth unless you tell me to," he said perfectly.

"Good boy."

This is when I kicked it into high gear. I simultaneously switched between sucking, licking, and biting his cock. Then scratching up his thighs, biting his nipples, and taking his balls between my teeth, all the while still fucking his now loose ass.

He struggled to control himself, his body betraying him. I could see it on his face.

"Please Miss! Please, I'm going to come," he begged.

"No you're not because I didn't say you could," I responded.

"Yes Miss. I don't want to come."

He started to say this like a mantra, 'I don't want to come, I don't want to come'. He was trying everything to will his penis to not do what it so desperately wanted to do.

I removed my fingers and he sighed a bit relieved he could compose himself some.

I stood up towering over him, "Go and get cleaned up."

He looked confused.

"I would like to come Miss," he said in his most innocent voice.

"People in Hell want ice water. You've been a good boy. Now do as I say," I told him.

"Yes Miss, anything you want."

I simply love it when a boy does what he is told. Nothing more, nothing less.