Wet behind the ears Pt. 1

He had agreed to this.
To give me his body.
Granting me full control to use it how I saw fit.

He wasn't a submissive but he had what I'd call "submissive tendencies". Our relationship thus far had proved that much. Now it was time to see exactly how much he trusted me with his body.

I allowed him to enter the room. I was dressed in heels, a short skirt, an open breasted corset, and had tied my hair up in a bun. I wore my black rimmed glasses to complete the in-charge look. It seemed to have the desired effect because when he entered he looked me over with wide eyes and slight fear.

I made him strip immediately and then ordered him to kneel. We had established a ridiculous sounding yet necessary safeword; though he protested he trusted me enough not to need one.

"From this point forward you will not use my name. You will only refer to me as Miss. Do you understand?" I asked him as I towered over him.

"Yes," he responded.

I slapped his back with the paddle I held in my hand. He jumped unexpectedly.

"When I ask you a question you are to answer accordingly. Understand?" I looked him directly in his eyes and asked.

"Yes, Miss," he responded perfectly.

"Good, now let's begin."

I restrained his hands using a simple but effective basic wrap knot. He didn't resist or tense up as I carefully used the extra rope to wrap around his waist, this could have been because I practiced this knot on him the previous day. I stroked his manhood a little as I finished up with rope.

I couldn't help but notice my own excitement as my stiff nipples brushed against his body as I circled him. I had been looking forward to using him all week with no real plan in mind. I just wanted to do what came naturally--my dominace seems to flourish best this way.

He seemed nervous...his thin frame shaking a bit under the anticipation. I handed him a small glass.

"Here, drink this," I said glass in hand.

"What is it?" he asked quizically.

I shot him a stern look and he quickly opened his mouth willingly as I poured the hot shot of tequila down his throat. I kissed him hard on the lips enjoying the residual taste of liquor.

"Now relax," I ordered.

"Yes, Miss."

At this point I blindfolded him. Mainly because I didn't want him to see what was coming but also because I wanted to focus on the task literally at hand. I took an ice cube from the glass I had brought it before he arrived in the room. I held it between my lace-gloved fingers and pressed it onto his chest. His breath caught in his throat. I contiuned rubbing it all along his body, trailing it from the top to the bottom and from front to back. It was a large ice cube and wasn't melting as fast as I wanted. I turned him around and began rubbing the cube on his ass cheeks. They tensed up until I gave them a light pat. I ran the cube under his balls from behind him, along his taint and back up his crack. He seemed to enjoy this. The ice cube was melting more and it gave me an idea.

"I'm puttig the ice cube here," I said spreading his cheeks with my hand.

"I want you to hold it here until it melts. Understand?" I asked.

"Yes, Miss," he replied effortlessly.

I placed the cube there and he clenched as hard as he could to keep it from slipping out. All the while I licked his body in the places the cube had been until he had water running down his legs.

It had been nearly 20 minutes of torture now.

"I have a propsition for you. You may come now by use of my mouth but you must lick up your mess from my hands. Would you like to do that?" I teased.

He thought for a few moments.

"No, Miss. I want to give you more," he said.

I was pleased but only said, "Very well."

I turned him away from me, took Bianca in my hand and began spanking him. He doesn't have much of a bottom so I aimed carefully and made sure to make my spanks count. He only jumped a little at first but then seemed to remain more steady when I moved onto flogging him. An outsider would have never guessed this was his first time receiving these sorts of this stimulation as he held a perfect stance. Occasionally I would reach down between his legs surprised to find his cock still as hard as when we started.

"Is this too hard?" I would periodically ask him in between switching instruments.

He would moan and say, "No, Miss."

I decided to push him a bit further. I had him bend over and grab his ankles. I slapped him bare handed and heard the shock of it as he sucked in his breath. Again. Again. Again. Each time he sounded like he was surprised by the force I was capable of using. I began biting up and down the back of his thighs, knowing how sensitive his skin gets when aroused. This sent him into a roar of moans. I bit harder and he moaned louder.

I removed his blindfold, stood up, and paced around him. I grabbed a fistful of his hair bringing his face to mine. Then I took his lips between my own. I bit down. He yelped but did not say stop, so I did not. At this very moment I remembered that I had a small stash of clothespins available at my disposal. I reached for them and placed two on his nipples. He licked his lips. I slid slowly down on my knees and slipped his cock in my mouth. He felt warm and hard.

While doing this I took two more clothespins and placed them carefully under his balls. He whimpered softly and louder when I squeezed them but he did not move.

I faced him and kissed his lips before licking an outline of them.

It had been an hour now.

"I have another proposition for you," I said pausing to see if he would interrupt me with anticipation but he waited patiently.

"You may come now if you like but you must do so yourself. Masturbate to orgasm and I will watch but won't help. Would you like that?" I asked him in his ear.

He shook his head left to right. "No, Miss. I can wait," he whispered back.

"This is my last offer, after this you will come how I want or not at all. Do you understand?" I whispered.

He nodded slowly. "Yes, Miss," was his only reply.

I wrapped my hands around his throat tightly, cutting off a small supply of his air.

"Fine. Have it your way," I warned him with a wink.