Building blocks of trust

The boy has asked for more D/s in his life. 

I've been cautiously giving him a little taste here and there hoping to tide him over until I decide if he's ready for a full course meal. He has now told me he is hungry and he has a craving. 

Externally he can handle nearly everything I want to give him. He's taken the face slapping, ball punching, dick whipping, breath play, and domineering attitude with more stride than I thought he would.

It's the internal things that worry me. The things I can't see. No, I'm not talking about any possible internal harm to vitals I could's those emotional ties. The internal struggle of how to let go of the decisions and power over himself that he is so use to having. The feeling that when I tell him he is worthless to me unless on his knees starts to creep into his insecure crevices.

He hasn't had me fully unleash my psychological domination on him and I have been holding back. I've allowed him to eat what he wants, wear what he desires, watch the things he enjoys, and most of all sit where he pleases. These will all change if he is to fully submit control to me.

One independent building block at a time I will knock them down...