Wrap it up

I looked on in apprehension as she wrapped the plastic around my body. She then proceeded to tape tightly around my every muscle. The feeling of constriction must have shown in my face, because my Mistress suddenly looked pleased. 

"Can you kneel?" She asked. 

I explained that I would try, but that I wasn't certain if could. 

"Then lay back. I won't let you fall," she said.

I was expecting her to let me fall. My pain is her pleasure after all but she surprisingly let me down gently. She sat on top and looked down at me, admiring her work. I looked up, awaiting her instruction. 

When she laid down next to me she started to run her fingers across the plastic. She then started to run the blade across my saran-wrapped body. I did not elicit much of a response and she immediately took notice. 

“You don't seem to be enjoying this.” 

I took a moment to answer. “Yes I am Mistress.” I could sense the impending anger. 

“Don't lie to me,” she said grabbing my face and turning it to hers. “Be honest with me. Are you enjoying this?” 

“Yes Mistress” I responded honestly.

My response was awarded with a swift slap to the face and immediately anger registered upon my face. 

“Are you angry with me?” She said with a laugh. 

As if the very idea of expressing any sort of defiance against her was a joke. 

“A little, Mistress” I replied foolishly. 

She then gave me that dominant look. That look which says I’m just a toy that can be discarded at a moment’s notice. Her response reflected this look. 

“I can find another sub in an instant." She snapped her painted fingertips together. "One that will follow my every instruction. You are very easily replaced,” she said matter of factly.

When she talks to me like this, I feel like less than nothing. If words could kill, then she would be a mass murderer of men's' souls. 

“Do you want to do this?” I knew my answer before she even finished the question. 

“Yes Mistress," I answered again.

I may feel like just an object, but I’m her object. She wanted to test me. She suddenly grabbed a pair of scissors and pointed them straight at my cock. 

“Do you trust me not to cut you?” She asked. 

“Yes mistress” I replied somewhat internally nervous.

I could tell she enjoyed watching me sweat as the scissors inched closer to my manhood. She gently pierced the plastic and cut a hole big enough for my erect cock to fit through. 

“This cock is mine. And I can have it whenever I want it.” 

She then sat on my cock and proceeded to ride me. I was completely overwhelmed with pleasure. I watched her rock back and forth, and I felt like I was in a Paradise. As soon as I began to register this sensation, she removed herself from my body. I don’t think she wanted me to get any ideas. This was all about what she wanted after all. My Mistress retrieved the “cup of shame.” 

“This shouldn't take long.” she said. 

She knew I was on the edge. She immediately grabbed my cock and and began to stroke it hard and fast. I felt as if I was going to explode any second. I looked up at her, with widened eyes. 

“I’m cumming Mistress! I’m cumming!” 

She looked angrily at me. 

“Don't you dare cum on me! You better cum in this cup!” She yelled directly to my face. 

I could feel the semen pouring of me and into the cup. I watched as a massive load poured from the head of my cock. Hot, sweaty and exhausted I looked up at my Mistress. 

 “Good boy,” she said with a smile. "Good boy."

Edited for approval by: Natali Noir