Meet the Ice Queen

Before we began, she gave me a simple instruction. 

“Until I say otherwise, you are not to make a sound.” 

I nodded in agreement. As I stood there, naked aside from the purple see-through underwear, she began to work the rope around my torso. I didn't know what she had in store for me, yet I couldn't help getting erect at the thought of being played with. She wrapped my torso in rope, and bound my hands behind my back. She left the room for a moment. Just long enough for me to ponder the possibilities. Was I going to be spanked? Would she run the faux-blade across my body? Or perhaps Mistress was in the mood for the wheel? She returned, much to my surprise, in a coat and shoes. 

“Follow me” she said. 

I stood there confused for a moment. She must have sensed my hesitation, because she looked back and glared as if daring me to disobey her. I quickly sped up and followed her lead. She lead me outside, onto the balcony. This was no clear, sunny morning. It was somewhere between 5 and 6 am, the air was more than brisk. I shivered slightly. My Mistress asked if I was cold, and I quickly replied with a “No”. I knew better than to chance ruining her fun in any way. I would suck it up and allow the chill air to permeate me, as though this were a double session with my Mistress and Mother Nature. She started to lick my nipples, and I felt the familiar sensation of ecstasy. As she worked her magical tongue on my nipples, I began to harden at a fast rate. As she worked her way across my chest, I felt a sting on my left nipple. I looked down to see a clothespin where her tongue used to be. As she finished up with my other nipple, she attached yet another clothespin. I felt an odd mixture of pain and pleasure from both of my nipples at this point. She rubbed her hand up and down my crotch, feeling up my massive manhood. 

Then she gave me an instruction, "You are going to worship my ass until I say otherwise."

She brought me to my knees, and then turned around. I was taken aback. Up until this point, I had been quite curious about ass-worship. I was secretly hoping that someday my Mistress might allow me to do this. I was completely overwhelmed by her request, and I let it show through my actions. Since my hands were bound, I completely buried my face into her thick, luscious ass. She was still wearing tights, as though her naked ass was a treat that I had yet to earn. I kissed, bit and licked every single area that my mouth could reach. I rubbed my nose, lips and cheeks against every area of her ass that I could reach. And then as quickly as it was given to me, it was taken away. She then pulled my face towards her crotch. I began to lick at her through her tights. She let out a subtle moan, further increasing my excitement. 

Once she had enough, she pulled me back up to my feet. I was led out of the cold and back into our dungeon. I was forced down onto the bed, and my underwear was removed. My Mistress stripped herself of all of her clothes, and settled herself down onto my extremely hard cock. 

“You have three times to make noise, and then I will stop riding you”. 

She was very wet, and very tight. It was all I could do to contain myself as she began to slide back and forth on top of me. I let out a soft moan, and she counted one finger. I immediately began to panic. I did not want this pleasurable sensation to end. Those large breasts, and her lovely lips and the way she looked at me were beginning to overwhelm me. I moaned once more. 

“That’s two,” she said. 

I didn't want this to end. I began to move back and forth with her, and I the pace quickened. She let out a moan as she began to ride me even harder. The bed began to shake with thrust that we gave. I wanted nothing more than for her to ride me to completion. I wanted her to drench me with her orgasm. The thought was too much to bear. Too much to keep silent. I let out a hearty moan. 

“That was three.” 

I begged and pleaded, but she got off of me. Just as easily as she rewards me, she can snatch it away in an instant.

Edited for approval by: Natali Noir