Second chances

In the beginning when I went on a blog hiatus six months ago I felt fevered. I needed to get back to my roots in kink and delve deeper than I ever had before. I needed to feel that unbridled desire again.

"Am I hurting you pet?" I asked my fresh faced submissive.

"No Miss," he replied after a moment.

I smiled and carried on positioning myself so that I could see what I was doing.

We had been in the dungeon for nearly 3 hours now and had been playing constantly. I whipped him for not responding fast enough in the first hour, made him clean my boots with just his pathetic tongue in the second hour and was rounding the third hour out with some good ol' fashion CBT.

He was taking everything like a champ and I cared neither here nor there if he had a safeword and what it may have been.

I wrapped the fishing wire tighter around his cock which I had ordered to rise and it did on command. He said the blood was starting to be restricted and it was turning colors but I saw nothing---so I continued on.

I dug my nails deeply into his shaft until it started to bulge and then trickle blood down hand and onto the floor.

A slight whimper was all he emitted and he asked for more.

"Please Miss, your pet has given you its cock use it as you wish," he said in one breath.

Use it as I wished?

I was doing exactly that. I caught some of his cock blood with my hand and cupped it to his mouth smearing it all over his face. He lapped it up happily. Pathetic.

I reached for my just polished wooden paddle with the sharp nails on one side and whacked his dick slow but hard. I was hoping to drag it slowly off his cock but it kept catching on his skin so I just ended up whacking it.

If he cried I hadn't heard. If he shuddered I didn't see it. He stood like a bloody soldier taking my beating as long as I wanted to dish it out.

My other sub-in-training came over to me and peered over my shoulder.

"Ahh you're at the dungeon again?" he absentmindedly said as he watched my computer screen.

I nodded.

"Yeah I'm giving this guy one hell of a beating because I'm bored." I said all the while still clacking on the keyboard and beating his cock raw.

"Well you have been playing Second Life every night for about 3 months now, I imagine you're ready for something new," my real life sub said.

And I was ready for something new, hence the reason I even joined Second Life in the first place. I had heard tales of crazy things happening on the virtual platform and wanted to see for myself.

If you're unfamiliar with Second Life, it is an online virtual world where you can be anyone and anything from a newborn baby to a robot all between socializing and interacting with other people from around the world. It's a little more in depth than a chat room for the lifestyle because it has visuals, you can make an kind of character (and roleplay) you want and use that in the virtual world.

I had intially made a good girl---I was going to turn her into a model and spend my days on the beach hanging out but somehow I had found the BDSM side of Second Life filled with dungeons and no limit subs and I hadn't looked back.

That was 3 months ago and I learned a lot about myself and my imagination. I even found some new kinks that I hadn't explored in RL because they didn't appeal to me or they were too hard to negotiate in real life. It was refreshing and an eye opener to me.

I haven't played much since as I've decided to take what I discovered and apply that to real life with my real sub-in-training and go from there. The most important thing I discovered was myself again and my need to have kink in my life.

This was the second chance I needed for a new perspective on BDSM.