When nothing goes right...go left!

I keep looking at my scarcely updated blog and wondering why the slump? I've been in them before but they usually fix themselves before long. They've not lasted for a year or more, yet here I am.

There was a time long ago in my early scene years where I thought I liked training submissives. I was good at it. It was a point of pride. Breaking someone down and rebuilding them in your image sounds like every dominant's dream. But, it takes time and dedication and a lot of patience. I find myself very short on all of these. If I'm being honest the new sub/bf has been much more than I ever bargained for. Navigating polyamory and kink at the same time is proved to be a rather daunting task. If I focus too much on one then the other gets pushed to the back burner.

How is a domme to do it all?

Do you ever feel exhausted by kink? Like the lifestyle requires much more than you can give it?

It's a terrible self depreciating cycle. I lack the desire to do kink but when I try to muster the energy and I fail to do it properly I lose the desire.

How much of a D/s relationship falls to the dominant to initiate? Where does/how the submissive suggest play without sounding like they're topping from the bottom?

I can't tell if this is better or worse than a vanilla sexual slump.

I promised myself that this year I'd fall back in love with kink but what if kink just doesn't want to fall in love with me?