A Weekend reunion

It was a welcome change of pace: My first ever big kink event outside of a dungeon and I was surrounded by a large number of kinksters who I identified with. I’m certainly not one who prefers to be surrounded only by people who share the same skin color as me, but I do find it quite intimidating when my Miss and I are in the extreme minority when attending local kink events.  Not only are we in a female domme led relationship, but we are both also people of color.  That's why when I heard that there was an event tailored to include (but not exclusive to) people of color, I had to admit that I was very excited.

Our first evening consisted mostly of socializing with other kinksters and making some new acquaintances.  

The next evening is when I felt the event really started.

When we entered the dungeon, I expected the usual mixture of women screaming and being dominated while in rope.  However, what I was treated to was far different from what I had imagined. There was a veritable mixture of various forms of play.  I could hardly keep up with all the happenings, a female dominating a bound male with a single-tail, needle play in the corner, cupping nearby, wrestling, and wand play. It completely blew my mind as these were all people of color. I felt a little ashamed of our local clubs as the scenes were often dominated with male kinksters whose only interest was tying women up and beating them and seeing much more than that in action put a smile on my face.

As I looked around the room, I also realized a harbored kink of mine was beginning to take shape. I have an eye and desire for booty. I admit that to myself.  It seems that especially within the PoC kink community there is a plethora of women with thick thighs and large, round posteriors. I visually drank it in.  In spite of that, I still only had eyes for Miss who never fails to wear the most eye catching attire whenever we enter a dungeon. I was laid out onto a table and tortured with the Wartenberg wheel, which is one my Domme’s favorite devices.  We eventually made our way to the floor, where my I enjoyed a sensual session of being objectified for her pleasure. I enjoyed feeling her full weight on me as she used me as a table. I was joyful at the sight of a room full of PoC kinksters and aroused by the fact that I was enjoying it with my Mistress.

We made our way up to the after parties later that night and I will only say what happens at after parties stay at after parties. :)

The next day my Miss and I booked our first kinky photo shoot. She really enjoyed every moment of it (see the picture in this post) and we loved how all the photos came out. We also attended two demos so that I could learn a bit more about other forms of play. I watched a demonstration of impact play involving two males.  It piqued my interest and I expressed to my Miss that I was open to exploring it a bit more if she were interested. We also watched a session on squashing. This also captured my interest as I already enjoyed my Mistress utilizing her body weight to overpower me physically.  

That evening she made use of the violet wand which never fails to overpower me with sensation.Every little zip and zap sent waves through me, increasing my state of arousal. Even tied to the table I felt my body lifting off whenever a wave of electricity rolled through me.

Next she blindfolded me and bound in me rope. This wasn't uncommon as she as stated how much she enjoys seeing me tied p for her visual pleasure but next she surprised me. She lifted me up and off the ground (yes, she's that strong!) and spun me around in the air sporadically. She'd place me on my feet for a moment and let me get my balance but then she'd spin me again.  It was a very frightening experience as I couldn’t see anything around me but my trust was in her completely because I had no way to keep myself from falling.  

I was then placed me on the floor and felt my my body being covered in a unique sort of bag. It was soft on the skin but also so tight that once I was completely cocooned within it I could not move. It seemed the name of the game was sensory deprivation. I was completely lost in my own world of pleasure and pain as Mistress played with my body in every way she saw fit---and there was a lot! 

One of the first questions I remember asking her at the end of it all was “Can we do this again next year?”

Edited for approval by: Natali Noir