Locked away for her

5th January

My first experience of chastity came in October of this year, when Mistress first locked me up, initially for short periods increasing slowly. Over time that had developed gradually to where I have been wearing the device everyday since just before Christmas, only being allowed out when Mistress wants to use her property, and then put straight back in.  

It has certainly been interesting, fun, and frustrating. There are times I have begged to be let out, and times when Mistress has wanted me. However I know I am a better submissive for her when caged. I am better at being able to solely focus on making sure her pleasure is my priority.  

I've found that being in chastity can be just as much mental torture as it is physical. It can leave you feeling unwanted, even though I know that Mistress wants and craves me, nearly as much as I want her. I am grateful Mistress can be honest with me and admit this can be hard for her too. She also hasn't hid her desire for cuckolding in order to find someone with a more suitable cock for her pleasure. This has also been difficult at times, but I do want to focus on her pleasure and what she needs.

I hope that I can continue to improve and will get better at being a chaste obedient boy for Mistress.

6th January
Her property under lock and key

Today I once again woke with Mistress's property straining against the cage. However today I felt a little better than usual and I will try to explain why. Last night at around 10pm Mistress took me out of the cage. I wasn't expecting this, but was very grateful to be out, even though I knew I could go back in at anytime. I was given a very clear warning

"If I catch you touching my property, you're going straight back in."

There was no anger in Mistress's voice, I didn't feel threatened, I just knew this was a fact. I wasn't used or played with, we ate dinner, we watched TV, then turned the lights out and got into bed and cuddled. Of course the slut in me was desperate to be used, but I could tell Mistress just wanted to relax. I tried to be a good boy and think for the most part I was.

After some time Mistress pinned me down, sitting on my cock. It felt so good to be inside her again. I love being able to be that close to Mistress. I was warned under no circumstances could I cum and to make it clear if I was close. This didn't take long, and Mistress then made me get behind her. We then began to role play, and Mistress begged me to cum, even though we both knew I wasn't allowed. After a few minutes of being tortuously on the edge, Mistress slapped my face hard and told me to use the dildo (which is of course much larger than me) to make her cum. Afterward her property was still twitching, desperate to cum.

Getting back to my original point about why I felt better, after we were done playing Mistress said I could stay out of the cage for the rest of the night if I wanted. Usually I would jump at a chance like this, as the cage can be uncomfortable to sleep in. However last night I wanted to go back in. I'm not sure if it was to please Mistress or to avoid a night time accident, but there was a strong part of me that was craving to be locked up.

I woke happy and horny like any puppy slut should.

15th January

I sit here at work writing this entry with my cock locked away for Mistress. Wearing the device in everyday situations has become very normal for me. Our chastity dynamic has changed slightly. I no longer wear the device 24/7, it comes off in the evening when I go to sleep, but other than that, for the most part I wear it all day. I miss the cage when I am not in it. The combination of the control I know Mistress has, and what I'm surrendering, has made me both crave and need to be caged. 

This weekend me and Mistress took a trip away to Ireland. Due to the metal locking device the holy trainer uses getting through airport security can be awkward to say the least (even though I am sure Mistress finds the idea of me trying to explain my device to a security personnel very hot).

When I got home from work before the trip Mistress said, "Remove the device, you aren't going to be wearing it this weekend."

Many thoughts went through my head. This would be the longest I had been out of chastity since Mistress and I were apart before Christmas, and the longest when I was in her presence for at least a couple of months, probably longer. I was excited to be out, there is still some stupid boy part of me that thinks I like to be out.

However before we had even got on the plane I asked, "Did you bring the device Mistress? I will put it on if you like."

She hadn't and a little wave of disappointment overcame me. A unlocked whole weekend awaited me. I think over the course of the weekend my behaviour wasn't as good as it could have been. Mistress has the very highest standards and I know my behaviour is better in the cage and that's another reason I crave it.

Upon our arrival back home I was very grateful to be locked back up, albeit for only 3 or 4 hours. I woke at around 3am tossing and turning, and Mistress had me take it off.

One thing that this weekend has taught me, is something I think deep down I already knew. There is no love/hate relationship, no mixed feelings… I love chastity, thank you Mistress for bringing it into my life.

20th January

I had only been at work for an hour when the urge to go back to Mistress overwhelmed me. Luckily the job I do allows me to leave the office for long periods. I snuck into the house and went up to our room. Mistress was still sleeping so I got under the covers and snuggled up next to her. She slowly woke realising I was next to her. I kissed her neck and her face and she let out a little moan.

Mistress then said the words guaranteed to excite any boy who is locked away, "Get your key, Mistress wants you."

I scrambled out of bed and removed the device, Mistress’s property grew hard instantly. I was desperate for her and she knew. She told me she wanted me inside of her, but only a couple of days before I had been severely punished for going inside Mistress without protection. I wanted to but I knew better. I begged for a condom and Mistress retrieved one.

Mistress allowed me inside her with the warning, "You are not to cum."

I tried my best to please her and kept thinking , 'Do not cum, don't cum, you're not allowed.'

I was doing ok, but then after about 7 minutes or so Mistress commanded I get behind her. I knew this position has caused me, let's say, problems in the past, but I obeyed. I quickly felt overwhelmed so I slowed down. I begged to cum but was not so politely shut down., Mistress mocked me a little so I continued. Only moments later I had to pull out and after about 10 seconds or so my cock began to leak into the condom until eventually it was full of my cum. I hadn't cum for a few days so it was very full.

Mistress climbed off the bed with a look of disappointment and annoyance. I apologised over and over again and Mistress just said calmly, "You're going to swallow this load. We can do it the easy way on your own, or the hard way with me doing it."

I hesitated just a moment too long and Mistress’s mind was made up. She pulled the condom off, grabbed a pair of nearby scissors, and cut it in half. She pinned me down, and slapped my face and forced my mouth open. The whole load was poured down my throat until it was all gone. I gagged instinctively, almost unable to keep it down. It tasted like nothing I had tasted before. It was hot and salty, and I just remember it being so thick. It took more than a couple of attempts to swallow the whole load. This was a first for me, and it made me feel like I was completely hers. As I lay on the bed feeling dirty, feeling used, Mistress just said "Get back in your cage and go back to work."

I had immediate feelings of being a slut, her slut. Her slut who swallowed cum on demand. Mistress called me her cum dump and her property strained against the cage. I liked that and I wasn't sure why. I liked being her cum dump, I like knowing this wouldn't be the last time I swallowed for her, and knowing one day it probably won't be my own cum I'm swallowing. I went back to work feeling like her slut, the taste of my own cum not still on my tongue. I felt dirty but happy. I loved this feeling and of course it was only a couple of hours later when I came crawling back to Mistress.

I haven't cum since. I can only hope the next time Mistress allows me, she will let me be her cum dump once again.