So you wanna be in a moovie?

Would you be into doing a short adult movie?

That was the first text I woke up to a couple days ago. Here I was thinking that I was losing my edge, sexiness, and overall wild womanly ways; thinking I was being left out of all the fun. But, it seems I stand corrected.

It's funny that I got this message because just a month ago I was asked by a new plus-size fetish site if I would consider posing for their site. There's enough Mistress L to go around but I politely declined, due solely to the nature of my job and what affect that could have on it if that site was ever found out. The text from a Craigslist fuckbuddy from a year ago seemed less daunting, less public.

I decided to get some details on the matter but not before flirting endlessly with him. I haven't seen the guy in about 11 months, but he is a handsome fellow, with a cute voice, rugged but charming face, and is a bit of a tease. It doesn't hurt that he's slightly exotic (he's Egyptian) and hung like a horse, well a 10-inch horse that is.

Needless to say I was a bit excited about the offer. There wouldn't be any BDSM involved just good ol' sex and from what I know thus far, it's a friend of his and himself who have in their spare time been making amateur adult films with girls they know. It all seems harmless and fun and I am seriously contemplating partaking in their activities. I have nothing to lose...and it won't be like it's the first time I've ever been filmed!

What do you think my lovely readers: Am I being too wild and throwing caution to the wind or should I just enjoy the experience? Please cast your vote to the right by March 1st!