Two kinksters walk into a bar...

A few nights ago I went out to have drinks with someone I've been exclusively talking to online for about a year.

I knew that if we didn't meet in the next couple of weeks we probably never would. So we decided kinda spur of the moment to meet up at a bar. I was there a little bit early waiting for him when not one but two separate guys asked to buy me a drink, which I politely refused.

When my Fetlife friend finally came up I was shocked to see such a cute guy. I give people the benefit of the doubt and assume that like most internet users everyone is putting their forward. Therefore I was pleased to learn that not only was he adorable but he was normal and he only stared at my breasts a couple of times (he was such a sweetie).

We chatted about a few random things but my mind couldn't help wandering off when there was silence what he'd look like on his knees looking up at me with those big blue/green eyes of his. With me issuing commands while pulling swiftly on the leash around his neck, giving him a much needed spank occasionally.

My extremely naughty mind felt guilty because he did seem like such an innocent boy. But admittedly that just turns me on more to know that I am corrupting someone! So while sweet sub talked about a basketball game that was on, I imagined wrapping a ball gag around his mouth. Tsk tsk.

Is this what women usually get angry at men for doing? Is this what one would call "objectifying"? If so I think he'd be okay with being the object of my lust for a few hours.