A collection of sorts

Last weekend seemed to be all about shopping and buying fun toys!

And on Sunday I met up with the sweet sub I talked about last entry but this time we met up at the mall to do some panty shopping. I've never been one for sissifying my sub but somehow the thought of this broad-shouldered beau in a pair of pink, tight panties really stirs something within me! As we riffled thru the store's baskets of clearance panties I was excited to watch him pick out underwear. It was an interesting insight into guys who wear these types of things. I teased him that he picked out more girly undies than I would've worn! But I guess if you're going wear women's clothing why not go all the way. The funniest thing to me was when we were checking out the cashier just assumed that the underwear was for me as she handed me the receipt even though he had paid...if only she knew!

He was gentleman throughout our shopping spree as we whisked from store to store where he ended up buying a cute french maid outfit but did not find anything worthy at the adult store.

All the shopping made me think of the things I already own that have made it throughout all my moves with me.  I have two toy boxes and this is mainly the "kinky" items not specifically BDSM related but still fun. So for curious minds, here are this Mistress' toys!

*Pictured from left to right: a Massage For Dummies mini book, KY His & Her Oils, Astroglide, Pasties, Cock rings, Edible body dust, Warming lubricant, Altoids, Sex dice, a Wireless Cock Ring, Cock sleeves, a Blindfold, Wireless nipple clamps, Flavored lubes, and some Sex coupons

This next box is mostly BDSM based. It might be my favorite! *Pictured from left to right: a CB-6000, Velcro adjustable leg-spreader, a Feather tickler, a Whip with metal ball chain tassles, Cyberskin-like dildo, Clothespins, Bondage tape, a Chain leash, Handcuffs, a Magic bullet, my Tie-Dye dildo, a Collar & leash, sleek Black dildo, a Red riding crop, another Feather tickler with tassles on one end, a Whip, my leather Paddle, a Slave bracelet, a Ball gag with mask, a Blindfold, a Flesh colored dildo, Ribbons, and a Pair of lacy gloves

These are the toys of my trade save for my corsets, heels, and such. I can't wait till I find a good little boy to start using all my fun stuff with again!

*Click pictures for a larger view