Rant: You're just boring me

Last week I was speaking with a friend of mine who had a problem with my blog. She told me: I hate that you say we are mundane. Why do you do that? The "we" she is referring to are the non BDSM vanilla folks. What's interesting is that I have gotten this complainant before. Many people have a problem with my using of the word mundane.  

Let's make this simple: I call you mundane because you are boring.  

At least to me.

It's not meant in a derogatory way. In my mind a life that doesn't involve some form of kinkiness seems quite frankly...unappealing. It is one of the few reasons why I also think we are not all meant to be put into such boxes. Some people are fine with routine and the "mundane" things that vanilla relationships have to offer. But, honestly this regime just doesn't suit everyone and if we (non-vanilla) types were to be forced into such arrangements it would probably and usually does end badly.

For me, it doesn't really affect me whether or not if people are accepting of my choices in my personal life. It's refreshing that I find most kinksters feel the same. It's the vanilla folks that seem to be getting their granny panties in a bunch. Which leads me to believe it is similar to the mentality of someone who is very concerned about how they feel about themselves. They tend to focus mostly on what others think of them. This insecure behavior is unfortunate and I associate it as a sign of weakness. Part of what defines my dominant personality and Mistress-ness is that I am confident in myself. I don't give a flying fuck who thinks what of me or if I meet others standards. I only answer to myself and I only dance to the beat of my own drum.

So the question isn't why do I think you're mundane but more adequately: Why do you think you're mundane?