Don't worry I'm the Captain of a motorboat

Earlier this week I attended a local BDSM club meeting with the sweet sub. Last minute plans entailed my inviting a close friend of mine as well and we were off.

Upon arriving, the sweet sub was as handsome as usual and dressed as a mild mannered frat boy (how can someone look so innocent but be so naughty?). We settled in as best we could in the tightly packed large group and began making the most of the happy hour.

We were "lucky" enough to sit by two older ladies who were polite enough to my friend and I. But, when given the opportunity to chat up the sweet sub, they went in for the kill! I've never seen cougars up close and personal but it was amusing at best. I made a few exchanges of phone numbers and email as well but was excited to know that many people assumed the sweet sub was mine. It may have been my "Don't fuck with me" look and whomever was within proximity of me it engulfed so they thought, "we better not fuck with him either" haha. But we made sure to tell people that we weren't together. He was free to roam and be mauled and pawed by all cougars alike.

If it sounds like I'm a bit jealous, I'm not, if anything I'm only jealous that he showed them his pink panties and I've yet to get a in-person show. It doesn't help that out of the men who gave me their numbers/emails, one was definitely NOT my type (think homeless chic), one was just too young (18 to be exact and he smokes and chews tobacco!), one was married but assured me his wife wouldn't mind him kneeling for me (uh huh...riiight), and one proclaimed if I ever needed a good motor-boating he would be free.

I can't help but giggle at the thought of me ever being so desperate I'd call that gentleman for a good motorboat session.

Ahh, men and their silly dreams.