From fag hag to mound muncher?

Bisexuality is not a bad word.

To clarify, no one has told me that it's just that up until recently I have done all but point my finger at and laugh in the face of individuals who claim to be "bisexual". This is not because I don't respect their sexual orientation, it's merely because what they call bisexual, I call greedy.

To me personally, bisexuality has always been a fence sitter, cake eating, cop-out for having to decide if you like the box or the key better. It also heavily challenges my mentality that you always feel one way or another; I greatly loathe indifference.

I have designated myself a tri-sexual (in the words of Samantha), I'll try anything once. My orientation has always been straight, with a drunken tendency to let my cute female friends make-out with me on occasion. Then a few weeks ago I had a woman checking me out at the bookstore. I was in the sex and relationship isle (who would've guessed), and she kept peeking over me at over her book.

I couldn't help but notice so I said to her jokingly, "Yes, they're real."

She blushed and said she wasn't staring at my breasts she thought I looked cute and wondered what team I was playing for.

I told her without hesitation, "Honey I am strictly dickly, sorry." At which point she apologized and went back to her book.

And that was that. Which was comforting because with guys, it's usually more a debate. You reject them in their fragile state of trying to hit on you and you've bruised their little egos. And now it's all damn you to hell while they try to reconstruct it. Her easy acceptance was much more appreciated.

Then just last week I had a very vivid dream where I was participating in a three-way with two other women. This was odd to me as I have never engaged in what I would relay as sexual relations with a woman, or two for that matter. I've had a female slave before but she was very service-oriented and I mainly stuck above the waist with her and made my other male slave do all the hard work. Why had I dreamed that?

But, even the dream interpretation book wasn't all that conclusive, it just stated that I was comfortable with my sexuality, blah, blah. Which has me seriously asking myself...what does all this girl-on-girl action really mean?